The Counselor

Enebeli Ifeanyi (Counselor) is the founder and editor of His passion for counselling drove him to start this blog with the aim to address students/graduates related issues.

ways to distract yourself

100 Ways To Distract Yourself

There are healthy ways to distract yourself from a breakup, depression, anxiety, panic attack, from eating, physical pain, stress, intrusive thought, sadness…

Sample Student Code Of Conduct

Sample Student Code Of Conduct

Generally, the student code of conduct sets out values, principles, behaviours and conduct required of all students and directs students to the rules that apply to the code.

list of banks in Nigeria

20 Top Finance Companies In Nigeria

Finance companies in Nigeria are specialized financial institutions licensed by the CBN to provide financial services to individual consumers, and industrial, commercial or agricultural enterprises.

list of banks in Nigeria

How Many Banks In Nigeria Presently?

There are several different kinds of banks in Nigeria including microfinance banks, commercial banks, merchant banks, development banks, non-interest banks, and mortgage banks.