Lagos State Colleges and Universities

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Do I need to introduce Lagos State to you?

Before we take look at the list of Lagos State Colleges and Universities, let’s look at some fact about Lagos State. According to, Lagos remains the nation’s economic and commercial capital. According to extant political records, “Lagos is to the people of Nigeria, what the head is to the body of an individual”

Lagos State is the smallest state in Nigeria yet, it has the highest urban population, which is 27.4 % of the national estimate [UN-Habitat]. According to the 2006 National Census, Lagos State has a population of 9,013,534 in relation to the National count of 140,003,542.

However, based on the UN-Habitat and international development agencies’ estimates, Lagos State is said to have about 24.6 million inhabitants in 2015. Of this population, Metropolitan Lagos accounts for over 85% on an area that is 37% of the land area of the State, and the fact that Lagos population is growing 10 times faster than that of New York and Los Angeles, and more than the population of 32 African nations combined, the State population is expected to hit the 35 million mark in 2020.

In Nigeria, Lagos is arguably the State with the highest number of public schools, students and teachers. It has consistently been churning out the highest number of candidates for public examinations in Nigeria since 1967. As a melting point with a bourgeoning population in excess of 24 million, the provision of qualitative education in Lagos State has been a daunting task.

These are the list of Lagos State Colleges and Universities

  1. Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, Otto/Ijanikin,
  2. Anchor University,
  3. Caleb University
  4. Federal College of Education (Technical), Akoka, Lagos
  5. Lagos State University, Ojo
  6. Life Theological Seminary, Lagos
  7. Michael Otedola College of Primary Education
  8. National Open University of Nigeria
  9. PAN-ATLANTIC University,
  10. Augustine’s College of Education, Akoka
  11. University of Lagos
  12. West Africa Theological
  13. Yaba College of Technology
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