If you are looking for a good institution for MBA, LAUTECH as overtime, laud itself as a reputable one. It is no news that in recent times, African industry and student population has been growing to make it a good location for a British MBA as there are many opportunities for economic growth in the country.

MBA’s that include entrepreneurship is especially important in Africa, and Nigeria in particular, as it is home to some amazing cities, people and opportunities.

Are you in a senior managerial position or aspiring to one; seeking to establish your own business In today’s ever-changing and competitive society? LAUTECH MBA calls for you, it’s important to have the necessary vision and skills to set yourself apart from the competition.

LAUTECH MBA are designed for professionals who want to make a strategic difference to the organisations in which they operate. LAUTECH MBA will provide you with a strong foundation in core business principles such as marketing, management, finance, entrepreneurship and international business.

LAUTECH MBA programs are designed for students who are ambitious and seeking a career in management and classes are designed to include both the best of international and Nigerian business studies. Students holding this degree will have developed leadership skills, critical and strategic thinking skills, and will be able to apply these to practice in their own business, in a job or as an intern.

This challenging course will expose you to all areas of business through a diverse range of modules. You will study core areas of business with an emphasis on the strategic nature of decision making. A critical part of LAUTECH MBA is exploring how people impact on business thinking and the systems that can enhance this fundamental part of an organisation.

LAUTECH MBA Modules/Courses

  • Corporate Finance and Financial Strategy

This Module addresses the issues around making investment decisions and corporate finance at the global level. It highlights strategic approaches, risk and needs for maintaining working capital. The unit explores different capital structures, foreign exchange options and corporate finance and restructuring

  • Corporate Strategy

This module is aimed at developing learners’ critical analysis of corporate strategy and the role of supply chains in a global context. It explores how functional strategies are integrated and the relationship between strategy and organisation.

  • Human Resource Practice, Leadership and Managing People

The aim of this module is to critique the skills, value and contribution of human resource management and development practitioners and leaders for the effective operation of organisations. Learners will gain insight into HR and leadership practices and techniques and examine the relevant theory.

  • Global Trade and Its Impact on Strategy

The module looks at contemporary trade and trade issues as they affect organisations. It examines the impact of globalisation, the internet, politics and ethics on business behaviour and business success

  • Research, Problem Solving and BusinessReporting

The module will develop learners’ use and understanding of research methods and using research evidence. It will review relevant methods and theory connected with identifying and solving business problems as well as exploring the use of decision-making tools and making use of relevant research evidence to support their propositions and recommendations.

  • Operations, Quality and Supply Chain Management

The module considers operations management and its contribution in supporting business objectives. It addresses quality and supply chain issues and how different organisations and industries make use of different systems, techniques and methods.

  • Strategic Marketing

The module will investigate underlying models, techniques and theories that underpin marketing and can contribute to strategic objectives. It will also provide learners with a critical understanding of the marketing function within new, growing or complex organisations.

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