New students do not know anything about GST which means General Studies until they go for their course registration. General studies are courses all students must offer irrespective of their faculty and department. The goal of GST is to encourage multi-disciplinary studies that could broaden the knowledge and widen the academic horizons of students of the University in all Departments and Faculties.

General Studies courses comprised of multiple faculties, such as arts and humanities, science, social science etc, and may appeal to students who want a broad education. Depending on the university in Nigeria, General Studies can have slightly different titles.

General Studies may not be your usual course, but you must take GST courses seriously. It is far better to have even a marginal pass (D/E) than a fail grade of (F) which automatically means Carrying over the course. This increases your burden in later years and reduces your chances of graduating with a good quality degree.

All GST courses are 2-unit courses.

While some universities only allow GST for 100 level students only, other universities may have GST courses from 100 to 500 level. This means you will study GST courses with your major departmental courses through your academic years.

The most popular General studies (GST) courses in Nigeria universities are:

  • Communication in English
  • Nigerian Peoples and Culture
  • Use of Library and Study Skills
  • Communication in French
  • Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
  • Logic and Philosophy


Other General studies (GST) you may study includes:

  • African Culture and Civilization
  • Business Ethics and Social Responsibilities
  • Communication in English
  • Communication in French
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Electronic Marketing
  • Evaluating Opportunities and Business Concept
  • Feasibility Plan & Investment decision
  • Government Society & Economy
  • Human Resources & Organizational Behaviour
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Introduction to French
  • Logic and Philosophy
  • Peace & Conflict Resolution
  • Reproductive Health
  • Resources Management & Organization Behaviours
  • Science and Mankind
  • Small Scale Business Management
  • Small Scale Marketing
  • Use of Library & Information & Communication Technology.


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