What are flexible vertical double degrees?

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A Flexible Vertical Double Degree (FVDD) is a new double degree which lets you undertake a Bachelor and a Master degree in a reduced timeframe. An FVDD program will generally take you four years to complete and offers you time and cost savings when compared with studying a Bachelor and a Master degree separately. You can combine a Bachelor and a Master degree from related disciplines for depth of knowledge and specialist skills; or combine degrees from different disciplines for breadth and transferable skills.

Study two undergraduate degrees at the same time and graduate with two qualifications.


What’s in it for me

  • Save time and money
    You’ll get credit for your Master degree in related areas of study in your Bachelor degree. This means you save time (and money) when compared with studying a Bachelor and Master degree separately.

  • Specialise or broaden
    Study a Master degree in the same field as your Bachelor degree to develop a depth of knowledge and specialist skills. Or take your Master degree in a different field to broaden your knowledge and develop your transferable skills.


  • Be competitive in the jobs market
    Your Master qualification can help you stand out from the crowd and remain competitive in the global jobs market.


The benefit of aiming for this flexible program is that you can explore what ANU offers before settling on a discipline area. Then, when you’re ready, you can choose from over 300 FVDD combinations – explore first, decide later.

If you’re interested in a Flexible Double Degree, you must meet the requirements for each degree.

ANU has pioneered the Flexible Double Degree so you can satisfy your intellectual curiosity and tailor your studies to prepare for your dream career.

  • You will have a clear advantage when applying for jobs.
  • It takes less time than studying two undergraduate degrees separately.
  • You will have the same full-time workload as a student studying a single undergraduate degree.
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