It is true that students obsess about their grades… Whenever you finish an assessment (test or exam), your teacher or lecturer will assign a letter to it which indicate how well you have done. Grading is also an important evaluation tool that teachers use to know if students have understood a particular subject or class.
A good grade shows how well you are succeeded in a specific subject, course or class. It does not determine your overall performance in class or course of study. To have a good overall performance, you must have good grades in all subjects under a specific course.
Mind you, grading differs so much between classes, courses, universities and even countries and even universities within a specific country. For example, In Nigeria, some universities have a grading system that differs from other universities.  The percentage used in this post is the most used in Nigeria universities.

Grade Classes

  • Grade A – Indicates excellent performance and represent the highest grade you can ever receive. Grade A stands between 75% and 100%
  • Grade B – Indicates good performance and is slower than Grade A in terms of weight. A student striving after first-class should focus more on getting As. B stand within 60% and 74%
  • Grade C – Indicates satisfactory performance. Grade C is anywhere between 50% and 59%
  • Grade D – This is still a passing grade and it indicates less than satisfactory performance. This grade stand between 45% – 49%
  • Grade E – This is a weightless passing grade, which also means, let my people go. This grade is the MARK OF GRACE and stands between 40% – 44%. Most universities no longer make use of Grade E.
  • Grade F – This is a failing grade and it indicates unsatisfactory performance. If you have F9 in a course, this means automatic carryover

So what is a good grade?
A good grade is a grade earned based on the quality of work performed on a given subject. The accumulation of scores or point received in a subject test, practicals, projects, assignment, homework, and an examination can determine if you will get a good grade or a poor grade. Overall performance is defined by CGPA and GPA

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