Top 40 Interdisciplinary PhD Programs in the World

In response to an emerging interest in studies that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries many Universities and Colleges has developed Interdisciplinary PhD Programs.

68 Examples of Interdisciplinary Studies For Students

Students engaged in interdisciplinary studies work with multiple departments, exposing them to a variety of ways of thinking and building communication skills and new knowledge in different subject areas…

180 Best Master’s Degree Programs 2021

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9 Universities Offering Masters in Public Health in Nigeria

The Master of Public Health is one of the most widely sought after graduate degree programme in public health. The program equips students with public health knowledge

Masters Degree in Economics in Nigeria

Masters Degree in Economics in Nigeria explore, train and develop highly competent and versatile economists through the inculcation of relevant academic and professional knowledge

Universities Offering Online Masters Degree in Nigeria

Online master degree in Nigeria is a learning process whereby a student enrols for a masters degree online, learn all there is and acquire a degree certificate or of competency.

Universities that offer Medical Physics in Nigeria

So you want to study Medical Physics… This means you’re a science student but do have what it takes? If yes, the page contains the list of universities that offers Medical Physics in Nigeria.

How To Get a Master’s Degree For Free

Now, so many student are curious to know if they could get Master’s degree for free. The answer is Yes, it is possible to get Master’s degree for free.

MSc Business Administration in Nigeria

A graduate student who wishes to go for Business Administration in Nigeria must have a first degree with a minimum of Second Class Lower Division in either of the following…

How Long Does A Master’s Degree Take in Nigeria

Academic Masters programme duration is usually within the range of 18 – 21 months. Thesis completion and other factors may extend the time.