Online Master degree in Nigeria is a learning process whereby a student enrols for a masters degree online, learn all there is and acquire a degree certificate or of competency. Physical presence is not required to study a course online, although some may require your present for registration if you’re within the state where you choose to study.

An online Master’s degree is an upper-level degree qualification awarded to students with advanced knowledge in a particular area of study or field of professional practice. Providing all of the benefits of the traditional Master’s degree, the online Master’s degree offers additional advantages, including a breadth and depth of course offerings, flexibility, convenience and cost savings

Online master’s programs are an ideal way to earn a graduate-level degree while working full or part-time. Online master’s degrees are offered in a variety of subjects and generally, require students to have completed an undergraduate degree in a related field of study. Online master’s degrees are growing in popularity and most programs are now as well-received by employers as traditional master’s programs.

Getting your Masters degree online is highly convenient and can be completed at a pace which suits you best. Online programs are an excellent way to obtain degrees and pursue higher education. Taking a Masters degree online will often cost significantly less than completing a traditional on-campus program.

Online master’s degree programmes are for working professionals looking to enhance their professional credentials or diversify their skill sets and experiences to help them become more competitive in today’s job market.
Online Masters degree is still in getting into shape in Nigeria, and as such, what most universities do is to offer distance learning in lieu of online masters degree.

Distance learning are similar to the traditional type of learning except that you do not have to attend classes regularly where you see your lecturer. The good thing is that you read, study, take and submit assignments, write your exams in the comfort of your home, office or on the go. You can travel anywhere and still be okay with your studies so long as you have your computer and internet access to connect online.

Distance learning gives students the best of both worlds as they get to learn anywhere, anytime and anyhow.

Admission Requirements
To qualify for admission into online master’s degree in Nigeria, the general requirement is that you must possess either a Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of second class lower in the relevant field of study from a University recognised. However, holders of lower classification OR a Postgraduate Diploma in a related field of study from a recognised University may be considered.

Who can go for an online master degree in Nigeria
Working professionals looking to enhance their professional credentials or diversify their skill sets and experiences to help them become more competitive in today’s job market.

This is the list of Universities offering an online masters degree in Nigeria

  • Amodu Bello University
  • University of Nigeria Nsukka
  • Obafemi Awolowo University
  • National Open University of Nigeria

Amodu Bello University

  • MBA – Finance and Investment
  • MBA – Marketing
  • MBA – Human Resources

University of Nigeria Nsukka

  • MBA Accounting
  • MBA Banking & Finance
  • MBA Management
  • MBA Marketing

Obafemi Awolowo University

  • Executive Masters in Interior Design
  • Executive Masters in Professional Economics Science
  • Executive Masters in Public Administration
  • Executive Masters in Public Health
  • Executive Masters in Real Estate
  • Executive Masters in Technology Management
  • Executive Masters of Technology in ICT Policy and Regulations
  • Executive Masters in Managerial Psychology
  • Executive Masters in Information Technology
  • Executive Masters in Actuarial Science
  • Executive Masters in Environmental Management
  • Executive Masters of Industrial and Labour Relations
  • Executive Masters in Geographic Information System
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Research Administration
  • Postgraduate Diploma in ICT Policy and Regulations
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Gender Studies and Social Development

National Open University of Nigeria

  • M.Ed Guidance and Counselling Education
  • MSc Public Administration Management Sciences
  • MSc Business Administration
  • M.Ed. Educational Technology Education
  • M.Ed. Science Education Education
  • M.Ed. Educational Administration and Planning
  • Master of Public Administration (MPA) Management Sciences
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • M.Sc. Information Technology
  • M.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution Social Sciences
  • M.Sc. Mass Communication
  • PGD Agricultural Extension and Management
  • PGD. Christian Religious Studies
  • PGD Business Administration Management Sciences
  • PGD Public Administration
  • PGD. Information Technology
  • PGD Mass Communication
  • PGD. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
  • PGD. Criminology and Security Studies

Some international universities offer cheap online master and Postgraduate degree

  • Lamar University
  • Fitchburg State University
  • Texas Tech University
  • Oklahoma State University
  • University of Missouri
  • Columbus State University
  • California State University- East Bay
  • Kennesaw State University
  • Louisiana State University- Shreveport
  • Delta State University

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