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I know you are aware that obtaining a Masters degree offers numerous academic, professional and personal benefits to students who have graduated from a Bachelor degree program.

As we all know, A Master degree is an advanced degree conferred by universities around the world for completion of graduate study in a specific discipline.

Now, so many students are curious to know if they could get a Master’s degree for free. The answer is Yes, it is possible to get a Master’s degree for free.

There are few countries that offer tuition-free masters programs such as Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Iceland, Belgium and France. But since you are looking for how to get Master degree for free, travelling to these countries may not be an option for you.

The only alternative to get Master’s degree for free is by applying for multiple fully funded scholarships for which, if you win, you could be on your way to earn a Master’s degree for free.

The only disadvantage of the Master’s degree scholarship is that you cannot choose the course you want to study if the program’s options are limited.

Moreover, make sure you do not overlook smaller scholarships. Check out online databases for scholarships (make sure to check what you are eligible for some have gender, income, religious, or other eligibility requirements).

You could also set up a Google alert that notifies you of available Master’s degree scholarships as soon as they are made available. You can learn how to create a google alert here.

You can also get Master’s Degree For Free Via:

New York University of Business and Technology

University New York of Business and Technology is a leading online university, offering a tuition-free higher education. The non-profit program takes two years, but students can opt for an accelerated program and complete the degree in as little as 8 months. Admissions only require an undergraduate degree and English language proficiency. Program participants will take courses such as marketing, leadership and entrepreneurship.


Quantic offers two highly selective, accredited business degree programs — the free MBA and radically affordable Executive MBA. Courses are delivered in the Quantic app on your mobile device or computer in bite-sized, interactive lessons and an accompanying peer learning platform. Their free MBA curriculum combines a self-guided approach, along with group projects and online case studies.

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