Who is the world best man? This is one of the most curious questions in the world. Many people had answered this question and I also deem it fit to share my opinion on who is the best man in the world. To be the best man in the world means to excel all other men in all things.

To be the best man in the world means to have good qualities in the highest degree, to be the most excellent. Tell me, who are among men that ever walked this earth qualify for this title? All who were born as a result of the intercourse between man and woman is imperfect therefore are automatically disqualified and none of them can be called the worlds best man.

Except for one person. Even some religious books attest to the fact that he was born a virgin. From a woman who has never slept with a man. He was born of God. Adam the first man came from God through the dust of the earth, and this man who is qualified to be called the best man in the world came from God through a virgin woman.
If I should say all I could about him… My own life is not enough… He has been the subject of discussion before I was born and even after I’m long gone. I will only make mention of some qualities. Remember I said He was born a virgin, which automatically qualifies him to be the best person in the world.

He is beautiful to behold

When I say best, this means there is no comparison. There is none compared to him when it comes to beauty. He is in fact, according to record, the most beautiful person to behold. No man alive or dead can claim such beauty! Yet, he hid is beauty to avoid distraction. The only 3 people who saw his true beauty bowed down for it was too glorious to behold.

He is a good lover (preach peace not war)

This same person has been acknowledged by men and women to be the best man in the world because of his unique approach to love. His love is pure. It had been written that anyone who wishes to learn how to love must first read about this man. Anyone who hasn’t heard of him does not know how to love truly. His not is unconditional.

Wealth and Riches.

This man owns all the wealth in this world and in the world to come. It was said that even King Solomon of old got his wealth through this man. He doesn’t need a bank, because no bank, not even the ones yet to exist can be the keeper of his infinite vast wealth and riches. When tax collectors came to him, he told one of his followers to go and get the needed amount of money from the mouth of a fish!. When 5,000 men were hungry, he opened the food store of heaven and fed them all.

Never had fought anyone.

In his early lifetime, he never shed blood, committed adultery, took someone else wife nor encourage divorce. He never engaged in a fight with anyone! He rather stays away or seeks peace with all humility than to fight back. He never carried a sword, picked up a stone, use a stick nor any form of weapon. His only weapon was his words! And do you know, that his words are sharper than a two-edged sword?

When one of his followers cut off the ear of the servant of the Jewish High Priest in an attempt to prevent the arrest of Jesus, instead of encouraging his follower to do more, he cautioned him and restored back the ear that was cut off. Isn’t that amazing…? Doesn’t this qualify him to be the best man in the world?

He never lied nor commit sin

Who among mortal men and religious leaders can boast that they never lied? None! No, not one except this same man. He has no reason to lie. He is the world best man because He lived a lie free life. He never committed a sin. The nature of sin was not found in him. Though many tried to make him sin, he did not because it is not in his nature.

He Has Power

He is the world best man because all power belongs to him! No one else in the history of man has ever spoken a ranging wind to be calm and there was indeed calmness nor spoken to a tree to dry off and it was so. Fishermen went fishing all day and caught nothing, but when he sat on both with the Fishermen, all the fish around came near the boat to gaze at the world’s best man. The Fishermen caught more than they could handle. He walked on water, his cloth could cure all manner of sickness. Oh, what manner of a man is this?

Gave up his life to save others

While others fought to save their own life, he did not lift a finger! No, not once. Who else can give up his life for another person? He is the world best man and will always be.

Who is the world best man? His name is JESUS CHRIST
Jesus is the world best man because He is the only person in history who did everything right. In the space of 3 years, He changed the world and brought significance into everything he did. A true leader and by following his example we all can learn to live the same way. Jesus is the world’s best man and the most influential person ever walked this Earth and His teachings have reached the far ends of the earth and there is no end to studying Him.
No matter what your title or position, following the practices and principles Jesus lived by will elevate your performance to unparalleled heights.

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