How to Eliminate Mouth Odour Without Drugs

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When it comes to mouth odour, it’s a silence infirmity of which average numbers of student suffer from. Unpleasant smells, especially when they come from students are usually very irritating. From body odour to mouth odour, no one should ever have to suffer these, because they are confidence killers. Most students with mouth odour see themselves in the lanes of melancholy – so much for solitude. On one can stay long in a close conversation with a student who has mouth odour – too foul, it pisses the listener off. And those who want to listen would give or turn aside so you can speak directly into their ear.


Here are some spices that help treat mouth odour or bad breath

  • Cloves. This a potent antibacterial spice. Simply¬†pop one into your mouth and chew until the smell permeates your mouth, then spit it out.


  • Fennel. Yes, the flavorful and highly medicinal spice is another good one for bad breath. Just chew on a couple of fennel seeds for some minutes.


  • Cinnamon is an effective antiseptic, you get a stick of cinnamon, break slightly and just suck on it. Or you Chew it slightly like you would Kola nut. It’s slightly very hot, if you can’t Chew just leave it in your mouth for a while.


  • Anise Seeds which tastes like black liquorice can kill the bacteria that grow on the tongue. You can also chew some of this


  • Cardamom is another spice that can mask the odour of halitosis.


You can also soak any of these spices overnight and gargle with the water.

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