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Student Home Remedy for Headache /Migraine

Due to daily activities of students, headache or migraine may occur as a result of dehydration, fatigue, sleep deprivation, stress, distress, the effects of medications, the effects of recreational drugs, viral infections, loud noises, common colds, head injury, rapid ingestion of a very cold food or beverage, and dental or sinus issues. How to cure

35 Ultimate Home Remedies for Various Alignments

There is nothing wrong with Orhodox drugs but some people don’t have the money to pay the bills. After much consideration, I deemed it necessary to publish this home remedies for students HOME REMEDY FOR TYPHOID FEVER: Get unripe pawpaw, unripe pineapple, ginger, lime orange and Lipton tea. Cut into pieces, boil with fermented corn

A Cure for Cancer Patient: Home Remedies

People diagnosed with cancer keep increasing by the day. If you are reading this please do me a favour…. SHARE IT. Yes, that much you can do. Save a life. _______________________ I have read many blogs discouraging people with the testament that cancer has no cure, and the use of herbs is a fallacy. Well,