When your writing is concise, precise, and snappy, readers will enjoy consuming your content. Your writing becomes wordy when you either intentionally or unintentionally use many unnecessarily, complex or abstract words. This can seriously mince the quality of your writing and frustrate your readers. Thus, wordiness is when you use more words than necessary to convey the desired message.

What should you do when your writing is wordy?

Remove or replace those wordy words. If not, rephrase the sentence.

Here are examples of wordiness in sentences.
It seems to be effective –> It seems effective
The amount of energy being used –> The amount of energy used
We make a majority of our decisions in a brief moment –> We make most of our decisions quickly.

You can also use Fatherprada Wordiness Checker to automatically highlight wordiness in your writing and also suggest corrections.

Wordiness Examples With Answers:

absolutely essentialessential
aforementioned DELETE
a bigger degree ofmore
a greater degree ofmore
a higher degree ofmore
a larger degree ofmore
a considerable amount of DELETE OR BE SPECIFIC
a decreased number offewer
a distance ofjust state the distance
a lesser degree ofless
a smaller degree offewer
a lot ofmany, much
a majority ofmost, much of, many
a person who isa xxx person
a total ofjust state the number
added bonusbonus
advance noticenotice
advance reservationsreservations
advance warningwarning
advance planningplanning
after all is said and done DELETE
all acrossacross
all ofall
all of a suddensuddenly
all of thesethese
all-time recordrecord
almost neverseldom
along the lines oflike
any and allall
are such that DELETE
is such that DELETE
are able tocan, OR DELETE
was able tocould, OR remove and change the verb after “to” into past tense
were able tocould, OR remove and change the verb after “to” into past tense
armed gunmangunman
assemble togetherassemble
attach togetherattach
as a matter of factin fact OR DELETE
as a means toto
as a result ofbecause of
as a whole DELETE
as a way toto
as being aas OR DELETE
as it truly is DELETE
as of the moment DELETE
as the case may be DELETE
at a later datelater
at the conclusion ofafter
at all timesalways OR DELETE
at first glance DELETE
at the present timecurrently, now
at the same time thatwhile
at this point in timenow OR DELETE
autobiography of his [or her] lifeautobiography
based in large part onbased on
based on the fact thatsince/because
basic necessitynecessity
basic fundamentalsbasics OR fundamentals
because of the fact ofbecause of
being DELETE
being thatbecause
best everbest
beyond a shadow of a doubt DELETE
blend togetherblend
both of theseboth
both of themboth
both of theboth
brings to mindrecalls/suggests
brief momentmoment
brief summarysummary
but yetbut OR yet
burning embersembers
by and large DELETE
by definition DELETE
by leaps and bounds DELETE
by means ofby
by the same token DELETE OR similarly/likewise
by the use ofusing
came to a realizationrealized/recognized
came to an abrupt endend[ed] abruptly
careful scrutinyscrutiny
can be seen asis OR DELETE
classify into groupsclassify
clearly articulatearticulate
close scrutinyscrutiny
close downclose
close upclose
collaborate togethercollaborate
combine togethercombine
come to the understandingunderstand
common similaritiessimilarities
comparatively larger thanlarger than/smaller than
comparatively smaller thansmaller than
compare and contrastcompare
compete with each othercompete
complete strangerstranger
completely DELETE
concerning the matter ofabout/regarding
conduct an investigation intoinvestigate
connected togetherconnected
continue into the futurecontinue OR DELETE
continue oncontinue
consensus of opinionconsensus
consider to be DELETE
considered to be DELETE
core essence DELETE
correctional facilityjail
crisis situationcrisis
dates back todates to
depreciate in valuedepreciate
great pleasure fromenjoy, appreciate, etc.
despite the fact thatalthough
did not succeedfailed
disappear from sightdisappear
doomed to perishdoomed
due to the effectsbecause
due to the fact thatbecause
dull in appearancedull
during the course ofduring, while
each and everyeach, every
each individual DELETE OR everyone
each ofeach
early on in theearly in the
each separate incidenteach incident
economically deprivedpoor
eliminate altogethereliminate
emergency situationemergency
enclosed herewithenclosed
end resultresult
engaged in DELETE
enter intoenter OR DELETE
epic questquest OR epic
equal to one anotherequal
equally as goodequally good OR equal
erode awayerode
every single oneeach one, all, each
exactly identicalidentical
exactly the samethe same For Jack, every well was exactly the same
fair amount DELETE [or be specific]
fall downfall
few and far betweenrare, unusual OR DELETE
few in numberfew
filled to capacityfilled [full]
final outcomefinal OR DELETE
first prioritypriority
first and foremostfirst
fly through the airfly
foreign importsimports
for all intents and purposes DELETE
for that which isfor the
for the manner in whichthe way
for the purpose ofto, for
foreseeable future[when exactly?]
free giftgift
frozen iceice
future plansplans OR prospects
gain entry intoenter
general consensusconsensus
general publicpublic
give an indication ofindicate
give consideration toconsider
grave crisiscrisis
grow in sizegrow
hand in handtogether
has the ability tocan
a tendency tooften OR DELETE
been found to beis/was/are
the ability tocan/could
the capacity forcan/could
the effect of DELETE
the opportunity tocan/could
an effect uponinfluenced
hear the sound ofhear
heat upheat
I myselfI
clear and concise[concisely] concise
a situation in whicheperienced
in a very real sense DELETE
in a way that is clearclearly OR clear way
in actuality DELETE
in all probabilityprobably/likely
in close proximitynear
in light of the fact thatbecause
in itself DELETE
in nature DELETE
in order toto
in reality DELETE
in reference toabout/regarding
in the event thatif
in the neighborhood ofabout
in the vicinity ofnear
in today’s societytoday
in spite ofdespite
in spite of the fact thatalthough
in such a wayin a way
in terms of DELETE
in the area ofin OR around
in the course ofduring, while
in the final analysisfinally OR DELETE
in light ofconsidering OR DELETE
in a majority of instancesusually
in the midst ofduring, amid
the nature of DELETE
in the near futuresoon OR DELETE
in the not too distant futuresoon OR DELETE
in their own right DELETE
in this day and agecurrently, now, today
in view of the fact thatbecause
in which DELETE
inadvertent errorerror
inner feelingsfeelings
interestingly enough DELETE
intertwined togetherintertwined
intertwine togetherintertwine
irregardless DELETE
is a reflection ofreflects
is able tocan OR DELETE
is an important factor in DELETE
is aware of the fact thatknows
is described as beingis OR is described as
is found to beis
is going towill
is helpful in understandingclarifies
is in conflict withconflicts with/is against
is in contrast tocontrasts with
is of significant importanceis significant OR is important
is scared offears
is seen asis
is something that isis
is well aware thatunderstands
is whenis OR DELETE
is where DELETE
appears as thoughappears OR DELETE
seems as thoughseems
can be seen that DELETE
could happen thatcould/may/might
goes to show that DELETE
clear that DELETE
evident that DELETE
apparent that DELETE
it is crucial thatmust/should OR DELETE
it is important thatmust/should OR DELETE
necessary thatmust/should OR DELETE
it is possible that DELETE
it is rarely the case that[X] rarely happens
should be noted that DELETE OR note that
should be pointed out thatnote that
would seem that DELETE
would appear that DELETE
gather togetherjoin/gather
join togethergather/join
joint collaborationcollaboration
joyous celebrationcelebration
kind of DELETE
kneel downkneel
lag behindlag
last but not leastfinally
last but not the leastfinally
later onlater
lift uplift
local residentsresidents
longer/shorter in lengthlonger/shorter
look ahead to the futurelook ahead, plan OR DELETE
made out ofmade from, made of
mainly focuses onfocuses on
major breakthroughbreakthrough
make a decisiondecide
make a determinationdecide
make an assumptionassume
make an efforttry
made an efforttry
make contact withcontact
with reference toabout
manner in whichway
many different kinds ofmany
many different waysmany ways
meet togethermeet
mental attitudeattitude
merge togethermerge
mix togethermix
more or lessbe specific
more preferablepreferable
mutual agreementagreement
mutual respect forrespect
nape of the necknape
native habitathabitat
natural instinctinstinct
necessary prerequisiteprerequisite
never beforenever
new inventioninvention/innovation
new innovationinnovation/invention
new recordrecord
new recruitrecruit
none at allnone
nostalgia for the pastnostalgia
not the least of them beingAVOID
of great importance DELETE OR is important
off ofoff OR from
old customcustom/adage
on a daily basisdaily
on account of the fact thatbecause
on the basis ofbecause, based on
the grounds thatbecause
the occasion ofon/preparing for
the situation ofabout
the subject ofabout OR DELETE
surface levelsurface
on the whole DELETE
on top of thismoreover OR DELETE
on top of thatmoreover
one of the more DELETE
one of the most DELETE
only serves to DELETE
open upopen
over againrepeatedly
over exaggerateexaggerate
overall goalgoal
overall structurestructure
owing to the fact thatbecause
particular type of DELETE
past experienceexperience
past historyhistory
past memoriesmemories
the amount of DELETE
penetrate intopenetrate
period of timeperiod, time, or DELETE
personal friendfriend
personal opinionopinion
personally DELETE
pick and choosechoose
plan aheadplan
plan in advanceplan
play an important role DELETE [be specific]
plays an important role DELETE [be specific]
polar oppositesopposites
possible course of actionchoice
possible courses of actionchoices
previous/prior tobefore
proceed aheadproceed
prior tobefore
protest againstprotest
providing thatprovided
put to useuse
puzzling in naturepuzzling
quite clearly DELETE
readily apparentapparent
real lifeTRUE
reconsider againreconsider
refer backrefer
reply backreply
reflect backreflect
regardless of the fact thatalthough
respective DELETE
respectively DELETE
right up to theto the
rise uprise
in shape DELETE
safe havenhaven
exactly the same thingrepeat
scrutinize carefullyscrutinize
prefer to haveprefer
serious dangerdanger
serve the purpose of DELETE
serves to showshows
serve to showshow
set a new recordset a record
shout loudlyshout
in size DELETE
some kind of DELETE
sort of DELETE
spell out in detailspell out OR DELETE
state of affairs DELETE [vague] Their accident was a terrible state
still has yethas yet
study in depthstudy
subsequent toafter
subsequent to the use ofafter using
sudden impulseimpulse
sum totaltotal OR sum
summarize brieflysummarize
surrounded on all sidessurrounded
sworn affidavitaffidavit
symbolically representsrepresents OR symbolizes
take actionact
take into accountconsider
taken the time DELETE
in height DELETE
terrible tragedytragedy
this being said DELETE
that being said DELETE
that exists DELETE
that exists betweenbetween/with/among
that exists amongbetween/with/among
that exists withbetween/with/among
that is DELETE when possible
that are DELETE when possible
that were DELETE when possible
that is to say DELETE
the colorjust state the name of the color
complete opposite ofthe opposite of
final resultresult
human racehumanity OR people
the fact thatthat OR DELETE
the fact remains DELETE
final conclusionconclusion
majority ofmost/many
means by whichhow
manner by whichhow
the month of DELETE
overall planplan
possibility existsmay/might/could
is to illustratewordy
is to showwordy
is to determinewordy
is to demonstratewordy
the reason is becausethe reason/because
the reason whythe reason, why, because
type of DELETE
there is DELETE
there are DELETE
there was DELETE
there were DELETE
total destructiondestruction
to a certain extent DELETE OR BE SPECIFIC
to be in a position toto
to make a planto plan
to make a decisionto decide
to make an acquisitionto acquire
to make an arrangementto arrange
true factfact
in the afternoonp.m.
in the morninga.m.
ultimate fatefate
ultimate objective OR goalobjective OR goal
unexpected emergencyemergency
unexpected surprisesurprise
unintentional mistakemistake
unique in his own way DELETE
united as oneunited
until such time asuntil
useless in functionuseless
utmost perfectionperfection
vacillate back and forthvacillate
valuable assetasset
various differentvarious
very uniqueunique
violent explosionexplosion
virtually DELETE
visible to the eyevisible
warn in advancewarn
of the opinion thatbelieve
as a societysociety
can see thatAVOID
we were found to be in agreementwe agreed
well aware ofaware
in attendanceattend[ed]
what is important is DELETE
when all is said and done DELETE
whether or notwhether/if OR DELETE
which have been found to beare OR DELETE
which is DELETE when possible
which are DELETE when possible
which were DELETE when possible
will come in the futurewill come
will have an effect onwill effect
with the possible exception ofexcept for
who are DELETE
who was DELETE
who were DELETE
the way it doesthat way
with regard toabout/regarding
with the exception ofexcept for
witnessed first handwitnessed
young in ageyoung
at the risk ofrisking
at / by onenear
at / for a fraction ofdiscounted
at / from the outsetinitially
at / in the endfinally
at / on sightimmediately
at / on the doublequickly
at one timeonce
at a disadvantagedisadvantaged
at a discountdiscounted
at a distancefar
at a glanceimmediately
at a guessestimate
at a lossunable
at a momentinstantly
at a pricecosting
at a rate ofat
at a speed oftravelling
at a standstillstopped
at all costs
at all eventsregardless
at an advantageadvantaged
at any cost
at any rate
at breakfastbreakfasting/ed
at ease withpeaceful
at face value
at faultresponsible
at full strength
at handnear
at heart
at home withaccepting
at issuedisputing
at largeroaming
at lengtheventually
at libertyfree
at odds withdisputing
at onceimmediately
at peace withaccept
at playplaying
at presentnow
at randomrandomly
in front ofbefore
at the age ofX years old
at the beginninginitially
at the expense ofcosting
at the foot ofbeneath
at the hands ofsubservient to
at the height ofpeaking
at the latestmost recent
at the mercy of
at the peak ofcresting
at the same timesimultaneously
at the thought ofthinking
at the time ofduring
at the top oftopping
at this juncturenow
at timessometimes
at war withfighting
at workworking
behind the scenesincognito
by chancepossibly
by the name ofnamed
with luckluckily
by accidentaccidentally
by all accounts
by all meanscertainly
by coincidencecoincidentally
by courtesy ofthanks to
by degreesgradually
by designintentional
by farclearly
by forceforcefully
by handmanually
by heartmemorized
by mistakemistakenly
by natureinnately
by no means
by oneself
by order of
by process of
by profession
by reason of
by request
by rightsdeserve(d)
by sightimmediately
by surprisesurprised
by the side ofaside
by virtue ofby
by way ofvia
for a good causephilathropically
for the benefitfor
for a good reasonjustly
for a change
for certaincertainly
for fear offearing
for goodcompletely
for grantedassume(d)
for lack oflacking
for my part DELETE
for his part DELETE
for her part DELETE
for their part
for realtruly
for the good ofbenefitting
for the sake offor
for want oflacking
in no timequickly
at the forefront ofleading
in the forefront ofleading
in demanddemanded/wanted
on demanddemanded/wanted
out of focusunclear
in focusclear
in one’s elementfamiliar
out of seasonnot current
in seasoncurrent
in stockavailable
out of touch withunfamiliar with
in touch withfamiliar with
out of useobsolete/unused/old
in usecurrent/used/relevant
with difficultynot easily
in difficultychallenged
within sight ofnear
in sight ofnear
in a deep sleepslumbering/sleeping
in a flashquickly
in a heapheaped
in a hurryrushing
in a messscattered/messy
in a pilepiled
in a sensesomewhat
in a temperangry
in abeyancereceding/abeying/waning
in abundancefrequent/abundant
in accordance with DELETE
in actionactive
in addition toand
in advancebefore/previous
in agonyagonizing
in agreement withagreeing
in aid ofhelping
in all likelihoodlikely
in an instantinstantly
in an uproarfurious/upset/crazed
in answer toanswering
in anticipation ofanticipating
in arrearslate
in awe ofawed by
in blossomblooming
in briefbriefly
in character DELETE
in charge ofleading
in collaboration withwith
in combination withwith
in command ofcontrolling/commanding
in commonsharing
in comparison withand
in compensation forfor
in conclusion DELETE
in confidenceconfidentially
in confinementconfined
in confusionconfused
in conjunction withwith
in connection withwith
in consequence ofresulting in
in contact withknown/knowing
in contrast toand/unlike/or
in contrast withand/unlike/or
in control ofcontrolling/leading
in debtowing
in declinedeclining
in defense ofdefending
in detailspecifically/detailed
in disgracedisgracefully
in disguisedisguised
in disorderdisordered
in disputedisputing
in distressdistressed
in doubtdoubting
in due course DELETE or eventually
in duplicatetwice/repeated/doubled
in earnestearnestly
in effect DELETE
in errorwrong
in essenceessentially
in excess ofexceeding
in exchange forfor
in existenceexisting/exists
in fact DELETE
in fairness toacknowledging
in favor offavoring
in fear offearing
in flamesflaming/burning
in flowerblooming
in fullfully
in the futurenext/soon/ahead
in gearmoving
in generalgenerally
in good conditionpristine/well-maintained
in bad conditionwrecked/worn down
in good faithsincere(ly)
in handholding
in harmony withagreeing/harmonizing with
in hastequickly
in hidingsecretly/incognito
in high spiritsupbeat
in honor ofhonoring
in horror ofabhorring
in isolationisolated
in its infancybeginning/inception
in jeopardyrisking
in keeping withmaintaining
in laborlaboring/giving birth
in league withallied
in length DELETE
in line withfollows
in love withloves
in memory ofremembering/honoring
in mid-airmid-air
in mindthinking
in moderationmoderately
in mourningmourning
in name onlyartificial/sinecure
in officeelected/representing
in operationusing/used
in opposition toopposing
in originoriginally
in other wordsbasically
in painhurting
in particularspecifically
in person DELETE
in piecesbroken
in place ofreplacing
in possession ofowning/possessing
in povertyimpoverished
in practicetraditionally
in preference topreferring
in preparation forfor/preparing for
in principletheoretically
in privateprivately
in progressprogressing
in proportion toproportionally/proportionately
in proportion withproportionately/proportionally
in publicpublically
in pursuit ofpursuing
in quantityamount
in question DELETE
in recognition ofrecognizing
in relation torelates/relating (to)
in reply toreplying
in reservereserved
in residenceresiding
in respect ofrespecting
in response toresponding to
in revenge forto avenge
in reversebackwards/reverse
in ruinsruined
in safetysafe
best interest DELETE
her opinion DELETE or thinks
my opinion DELETE or think
his opinion DELETE or thinks
in search ofsearching for
in secretsecretly/incognito
in self-defensedefensively
in settlement of DELETE
in silencesilently
in storeexpecting/imminent
in successionsucceeding
in support ofsupporting
in sympathy withsympathizing with
in tearscrying
in terrorterrified
in the absence oflacking/without
in the aftermathresulting in
in the balance DELETE
in the case offor
in the distancedistantly
in the event ofif
in the extremeextremely
in the eyes ofaccording to
in the flesh DELETE
in the form of DELETE
in the habit ofusually
in the interests offor
in the leadleading
in the long runeventually
in the makingforming OR REWRITE
in the meantimemeanwhile/simultaneously
in the mood fordesiring/wanting
in the name offor
in the nightat night
in the openopenly
in the process ofbeginning to/starting to
in the rightcorrect
in the seclusion ofsecluded by
in the shadeshaded
in the space ofwithin
in the wake ofafter
in the way oflike
in the wrongwrong
in theorytheoretically
in times ofduring
in townhere/there
in troubletroubled/embattled
in tune withagreeing with
in turmoildisagreeing
in turn DELETE
in unisontogether
in vainvainly
in view ofconsidering
in voguehip/fashionable/chic
of the opinionthinks or DELETE
on dutyworking
off dutyoff
off their rockercrazy
on the watch forwaiting for/expecting
on schedulepunctual
off the recordprivate(ly)
on the recordpublic(ly)
on the roadtravelling
under oathsworn
under pain of DELETE
on the airplaying
off the airdiscontinued
off balanceunbalanced
on a dietdieting
on a large scalegenerally
on a small scalespecifically
on a regular basisregularly
on account ofdue to/because of
on averagegenerally
on behalf offor
on condition thatassuming/if
on creditborrowing/lending
on displaydisplayed
on edgeworried
on end DELETE
on filerecorded
on fireburning
on footwalking
on good termsamicable/friendly
on guardguarding
on hand DELETE
on horsebackhorseriding
on impulseimpulsively
on leaveabsent/vacationing/travelling
on no accountnever
on occasionoccasionally
own terms DELETE
on your ownindividually
on her ownindividually
on his ownindividually
on their ownindividually
on oneindividually
on paperrecorded
on patrolpatroling
on purposeintentionally
upon reflection DELETE
on reflection DELETE
on salediscounted
on second thoughthowever
on showdisplayed
on strikestriking
on suspicion ofsuspecting
on the agendaplanned
on the assumptionassuming/if
on the brink ofnearly/almost
on the dotexactly
on the edge ofnearly/almost
on the eve ofnear
on the grounds ofbecause of
on the horizonnear/soon
on the hourprompt
on the increaseincreasing
on the jobworking
on the movemoving
on the off-chanceif
on the outskirtsnearby/near
on the part offor
on the phonetalking
on the point ofnear/close to
on the runrunning
on the strength ofbased on
on the stroke of DELETE
on the tip ofnear to
on the top ofleading
on the understanding thatgiven/assuming
on the verge ofalmost
on the way toheading to/toward
on timeprompt
on vacationvacationing
in fashionfashionable
out of fashionunfashionable
in printcurrent
out of printdiscontinued
in stepfollowing
out of stepnot following
out of breathwinded/exhausted/tired
out of controluncontrollable
out of curiosity DELETE
out of dateoutdated
out of doorsoutside
out of orderbroken
out of pitysympathizing/pitying
out of placeimproper
out of reachunreachable
out of respect forhonoring
out of sightunattainable
out of spitespiteing
out of stockunavailable
out of the ordinaryunusual
out of the questionimpossible
out of workunemployed
through no fault ofinnocently
on the contraryinstead
to an extent DELETE
to date DELETE
to excessexcessively
to onesurprisingly
to his facedirectly
to her facedirectly
to my facedirectly
to this dayuntil now
to the best of DELETE
to the detriment ofharming
to the exclusion ofexcluding
to the fullfully
under agea minor
under arrestarrested
under considerationX is considering
under constructionX is constructing
under discussiondiscussing
under lock and keyprotected/safeguarded
under pressurepressured
under regulationsexpected
under repairX is repairing
under strainstraining to
under stressstressed
under suspicionsuspected of
under the command ofcommanded by
under the impression thatthinking/believing that
under the influenceintoxicated/high/drunk
under the misapprehensionassuming
without successunsuccessfully
with successsuccessfully
with a view to DELETE or to
with an eye to DELETE or to
with regretregretfully
with respect toregarding
with the aid ofwith
with the compliments ofthanks to
with the help ofthanks to
with the intention ofintending to
within reasonreasonably
within graspnear
within reach ofattainable/can attain
within walking distancenearby/near
without a doubtundoubtedly
without doubtundoubtedly
without a breakunceasingly
without a hitcheasily
without delaydirectly
without exceptionuniversally
without faildependably
without foundationbaseless
without precedentunprecedented
without questionunquestionably
without warningunexpected
whole differentdifferent
do not likedislike

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