1000 Wordiness Examples With Answers

When your writing is concise, precise, and snappy, readers will enjoy consuming your content. Your writing becomes wordy when you either intentionally or unintentionally use many unnecessarily, complex or abstract words. This can seriously mince the quality of your writing and frustrate your readers. Thus, wordiness is when you use more words than necessary to convey the desired message.

What should you do when your writing is wordy?

Remove or replace those wordy words. If not, rephrase the sentence.


Here are examples of wordiness in sentences.

It seems to be effective –> It seems effective
The amount of energy being used –> The amount of energy used
We make a majority of our decisions in a brief moment –> We make most of our decisions quickly.

You can also use Fatherprada Wordiness Checker to automatically highlight wordiness in your writing and also suggest corrections.

Wordiness Examples With Answers:

Wordy Suggestion/Answers
absolutely essential essential
aforementioned DELETE
a bigger degree of more
a greater degree of more
a higher degree of more
a larger degree of more
a considerable amount of DELETE OR BE SPECIFIC
a decreased number of fewer
a distance of just state the distance
a lesser degree of less
a smaller degree of fewer
a lot of many, much
a majority of most, much of, many
a person who is a xxx person
a total of just state the number
added bonus bonus
advance notice notice
advance reservations reservations
advance warning warning
advance planning planning
after all is said and done DELETE
all across across
all of all
all of a sudden suddenly
all of these these
all-time record record
almost never seldom
along the lines of like
any and all all
are such that DELETE
is such that DELETE
are able to can, OR DELETE
was able to could, OR remove and change the verb after “to” into past tense
were able to could, OR remove and change the verb after “to” into past tense
armed gunman gunman
assemble together assemble
attach together attach
as a matter of fact in fact OR DELETE
as a means to to
as a result of because of
as a whole DELETE
as a way to to
as being a as OR DELETE
as it truly is DELETE
as of the moment DELETE
as the case may be DELETE
at a later date later
at the conclusion of after
at all times always OR DELETE
at first glance DELETE
at the present time currently, now
at the same time that while
at this point in time now OR DELETE
autobiography of his [or her] life autobiography
bald-headed bald
based in large part on based on
based on the fact that since/because
basic necessity necessity
basic fundamentals basics OR fundamentals
because of the fact of because of
being DELETE
being that because
best ever best
beyond a shadow of a doubt DELETE
blend together blend
both of these both
both of them both
both of the both
brings to mind recalls/suggests
brief moment moment
brief summary summary
but yet but OR yet
burning embers embers
by and large DELETE
by definition DELETE
by leaps and bounds DELETE
by means of by
by the same token DELETE OR similarly/likewise
by the use of using
came to a realization realized/recognized
came to an abrupt end end[ed] abruptly
careful scrutiny scrutiny
can be seen as is OR DELETE
classify into groups classify
clearly articulate articulate
close scrutiny scrutiny
close down close
close up close
collaborate together collaborate
combine together combine
come to the understanding understand
common similarities similarities
comparatively larger than larger than/smaller than
comparatively smaller than smaller than
compare and contrast compare
compete with each other compete
complete stranger stranger
completely DELETE
concerning the matter of about/regarding
conduct an investigation into investigate
connected together connected
continue into the future continue OR DELETE
continue on continue
consensus of opinion consensus
consider to be DELETE
considered to be DELETE
core essence DELETE
correctional facility jail
crisis situation crisis
dates back to dates to
depreciate in value depreciate
great pleasure from enjoy, appreciate, etc.
despite the fact that although
did not succeed failed
disappear from sight disappear
doomed to perish doomed
due to the effects because
due to the fact that because
dull in appearance dull
during the course of during, while
each and every each, every
each individual DELETE OR everyone
each of each
early on in the early in the
each separate incident each incident
economically deprived poor
eliminate altogether eliminate
emergency situation emergency
enclosed herewith enclosed
end result result
engaged in DELETE
enter into enter OR DELETE
epic quest quest OR epic
equal to one another equal
equally as good equally good OR equal
erode away erode
every single one each one, all, each
exactly identical identical
exactly the same the same For Jack, every well was exactly the same
fair amount DELETE [or be specific]
fall down fall
few and far between rare, unusual OR DELETE
few in number few
filled to capacity filled [full]
final outcome final OR DELETE
first priority priority
first and foremost first
fly through the air fly
foreign imports imports
for all intents and purposes DELETE
for that which is for the
for the manner in which the way
for the purpose of to, for
foreseeable future [when exactly?]
free gift gift
frozen ice ice
future plans plans OR prospects
gain entry into enter
general consensus consensus
general public public
give an indication of indicate
give consideration to consider
grave crisis crisis
grow in size grow
hand in hand together
has the ability to can
a tendency to often OR DELETE
been found to be is/was/are
the ability to can/could
the capacity for can/could
the effect of DELETE
the opportunity to can/could
an effect upon influenced
hear the sound of hear
heat up heat
I myself I
clear and concise [concisely] concise
a situation in which eperienced
in a very real sense DELETE
in a way that is clear clearly OR clear way
in actuality DELETE
in all probability probably/likely
in close proximity near
in light of the fact that because
in itself DELETE
in nature DELETE
in order to to
in reality DELETE
in reference to about/regarding
in the event that if
in the neighborhood of about
in the vicinity of near
in today’s society today
in spite of despite
in spite of the fact that although
in such a way in a way
in terms of DELETE
in the area of in OR around
in the course of during, while
in the final analysis finally OR DELETE
in light of considering OR DELETE
in a majority of instances usually
in the midst of during, amid
the nature of DELETE
in the near future soon OR DELETE
in the not too distant future soon OR DELETE
in their own right DELETE
in this day and age currently, now, today
in view of the fact that because
in which DELETE
inadvertent error error
inner feelings feelings
interestingly enough DELETE
intertwined together intertwined
intertwine together intertwine
irregardless DELETE
is a reflection of reflects
is able to can OR DELETE
is an important factor in DELETE
is aware of the fact that knows
is described as being is OR is described as
is found to be is
is going to will
is helpful in understanding clarifies
is in conflict with conflicts with/is against
is in contrast to contrasts with
is of significant importance is significant OR is important
is scared of fears
is seen as is
is something that is is
is well aware that understands
is when is OR DELETE
is where DELETE
appears as though appears OR DELETE
seems as though seems
can be seen that DELETE
could happen that could/may/might
goes to show that DELETE
clear that DELETE
evident that DELETE
apparent that DELETE
it is crucial that must/should OR DELETE
it is important that must/should OR DELETE
interesting BE MORE SPECIFIC
necessary that must/should OR DELETE
it is possible that DELETE
it is rarely the case that [X] rarely happens
should be noted that DELETE OR note that
should be pointed out that note that
would seem that DELETE
would appear that DELETE
gather together join/gather
join together gather/join
joint collaboration collaboration
joyous celebration celebration
kind of DELETE
kneel down kneel
lag behind lag
last but not least finally
last but not the least finally
later on later
lift up lift
local residents residents
longer/shorter in length longer/shorter
look ahead to the future look ahead, plan OR DELETE
made out of made from, made of
mainly focuses on focuses on
major breakthrough breakthrough
make a decision decide
make a determination decide
make an assumption assume
make an effort try
made an effort try
make contact with contact
with reference to about
manner in which way
many different kinds of many
many different ways many ways
meet together meet
mental attitude attitude
merge together merge
mix together mix
more or less be specific
more preferable preferable
mutual agreement agreement
mutual respect for respect
nape of the neck nape
native habitat habitat
natural instinct instinct
necessary prerequisite prerequisite
never before never
new invention invention/innovation
new innovation innovation/invention
new record record
new recruit recruit
none at all none
nostalgia for the past nostalgia
not the least of them being AVOID
of great importance DELETE OR is important
off of off OR from
old custom custom/adage
on a daily basis daily
on account of the fact that because
on the basis of because, based on
the grounds that because
the occasion of on/preparing for
the situation of about
the subject of about OR DELETE
surface level surface
on the whole DELETE
on top of this moreover OR DELETE
on top of that moreover
one of the more DELETE
one of the most DELETE
only serves to DELETE
open up open
over again repeatedly
over exaggerate exaggerate
overall goal goal
overall structure structure
overexaggerate exaggerate
owing to the fact that because
particular type of DELETE
past experience experience
past history history
past memories memories
the amount of DELETE
penetrate into penetrate
period of time period, time, or DELETE
personal friend friend
personal opinion opinion
personally DELETE
pick and choose choose
plan ahead plan
plan in advance plan
play an important role DELETE [be specific]
plays an important role DELETE [be specific]
polar opposites opposites
possible course of action choice
possible courses of action choices
previous/prior to before
proceed ahead proceed
prior to before
protest against protest
providing that provided
put to use use
puzzling in nature puzzling
quite clearly DELETE
readily apparent apparent
real life TRUE
reconsider again reconsider
refer back refer
reply back reply
reflect back reflect
regardless of the fact that although
respective DELETE
respectively DELETE
right up to the to the
rise up rise
in shape DELETE
safe haven haven
exactly the same thing repeat
scrutinize carefully scrutinize
prefer to have prefer
serious danger danger
serve the purpose of DELETE
serves to show shows
serve to show show
set a new record set a record
shout loudly shout
in size DELETE
some kind of DELETE
sort of DELETE
spell out in detail spell out OR DELETE
state of affairs DELETE [vague] Their accident was a terrible state
still has yet has yet
study in depth study
subsequent to after
subsequent to the use of after using
sudden impulse impulse
sum total total OR sum
summarize briefly summarize
surrounded on all sides surrounded
sworn affidavit affidavit
symbolically represents represents OR symbolizes
take action act
take into account consider
taken the time DELETE
in height DELETE
terrible tragedy tragedy
this being said DELETE
that being said DELETE
that exists DELETE
that exists between between/with/among
that exists among between/with/among
that exists with between/with/among
that is DELETE when possible
that are DELETE when possible
that were DELETE when possible
that is to say DELETE
the color just state the name of the color
complete opposite of the opposite of
final result result
human race humanity OR people
the fact that that OR DELETE
the fact remains DELETE
final conclusion conclusion
majority of most/many
means by which how
manner by which how
the month of DELETE
overall plan plan
possibility exists may/might/could
is to illustrate wordy
is to show wordy
is to determine wordy
is to demonstrate wordy
the reason is because the reason/because
the reason why the reason, why, because
type of DELETE
there is DELETE
there are DELETE
there was DELETE
there were DELETE
total destruction destruction
to a certain extent DELETE OR BE SPECIFIC
to be in a position to to
to make a plan to plan
to make a decision to decide
to make an acquisition to acquire
to make an arrangement to arrange
true fact fact
in the afternoon p.m.
in the morning a.m.
ultimate fate fate
ultimate objective OR goal objective OR goal
unexpected emergency emergency
unexpected surprise surprise
unintentional mistake mistake
unique in his own way DELETE
united as one united
until such time as until
useless in function useless
utmost perfection perfection
vacillate back and forth vacillate
valuable asset asset
various different various
very unique unique
violent explosion explosion
virtually DELETE
visible to the eye visible
warn in advance warn
of the opinion that believe
as a society society
can see that AVOID
we were found to be in agreement we agreed
well aware of aware
in attendance attend[ed]
what is important is DELETE
when all is said and done DELETE
whether or not whether/if OR DELETE
which have been found to be are OR DELETE
which is DELETE when possible
which are DELETE when possible
which were DELETE when possible
will come in the future will come
will have an effect on will effect
with the possible exception of except for
who are DELETE
who was DELETE
who were DELETE
the way it does that way
with regard to about/regarding
with the exception of except for
witnessed first hand witnessed
young in age young
at the risk of risking
at / by one near
at / for a fraction of discounted
at / from the outset initially
at / in the end finally
at / on sight immediately
at / on the double quickly
at one time once
at a disadvantage disadvantaged
at a discount discounted
at a distance far
at a glance immediately
at a guess estimate
at a loss unable
at a moment instantly
at a price costing
at a rate of at
at a speed of travelling
at a standstill stopped
at all costs
at all events regardless
at an advantage advantaged
at any cost
at any rate
at breakfast breakfasting/ed
at ease with peaceful
at face value
at fault responsible
at full strength
at hand near
at heart
at home with accepting
at issue disputing
at large roaming
at length eventually
at liberty free
at odds with disputing
at once immediately
at peace with accept
at play playing
at present now
at random randomly
in front of before
at the age of X years old
at the beginning initially
at the expense of costing
at the foot of beneath
at the hands of subservient to
at the height of peaking
at the latest most recent
at the mercy of
at the peak of cresting
at the same time simultaneously
at the thought of thinking
at the time of during
at the top of topping
at this juncture now
at times sometimes
at war with fighting
at work working
behind the scenes incognito
by chance possibly
by the name of named
with luck luckily
by accident accidentally
by all accounts
by all means certainly
by coincidence coincidentally
by courtesy of thanks to
by degrees gradually
by design intentional
by far clearly
by force forcefully
by hand manually
by heart memorized
by mistake mistakenly
by nature innately
by no means
by oneself
by order of
by process of
by profession
by reason of
by request
by rights deserve(d)
by sight immediately
by surprise surprised
by the side of aside
by virtue of by
by way of via
for a good cause philathropically
for the benefit for
for a good reason justly
for a change
for certain certainly
for fear of fearing
for good completely
for granted assume(d)
for lack of lacking
for my part DELETE
for his part DELETE
for her part DELETE
for their part
for real truly
for the good of benefitting
for the sake of for
for want of lacking
in no time quickly
at the forefront of leading
in the forefront of leading
in demand demanded/wanted
on demand demanded/wanted
out of focus unclear
in focus clear
in one’s element familiar
out of season not current
in season current
in stock available
out of touch with unfamiliar with
in touch with familiar with
out of use obsolete/unused/old
in use current/used/relevant
with difficulty not easily
in difficulty challenged
within sight of near
in sight of near
in a deep sleep slumbering/sleeping
in a flash quickly
in a heap heaped
in a hurry rushing
in a mess scattered/messy
in a pile piled
in a sense somewhat
in a temper angry
in abeyance receding/abeying/waning
in abundance frequent/abundant
in accordance with DELETE
in action active
in addition to and
in advance before/previous
in agony agonizing
in agreement with agreeing
in aid of helping
in all likelihood likely
in an instant instantly
in an uproar furious/upset/crazed
in answer to answering
in anticipation of anticipating
in arrears late
in awe of awed by
in blossom blooming
in brief briefly
in character DELETE
in charge of leading
in collaboration with with
in combination with with
in command of controlling/commanding
in common sharing
in comparison with and
in compensation for for
in conclusion DELETE
in confidence confidentially
in confinement confined
in confusion confused
in conjunction with with
in connection with with
in consequence of resulting in
in contact with known/knowing
in contrast to and/unlike/or
in contrast with and/unlike/or
in control of controlling/leading
in debt owing
in decline declining
in defense of defending
in detail specifically/detailed
in disgrace disgracefully
in disguise disguised
in disorder disordered
in dispute disputing
in distress distressed
in doubt doubting
in due course DELETE or eventually
in duplicate twice/repeated/doubled
in earnest earnestly
in effect DELETE
in error wrong
in essence essentially
in excess of exceeding
in exchange for for
in existence existing/exists
in fact DELETE
in fairness to acknowledging
in favor of favoring
in fear of fearing
in flames flaming/burning
in flower blooming
in full fully
in the future next/soon/ahead
in gear moving
in general generally
in good condition pristine/well-maintained
in bad condition wrecked/worn down
in good faith sincere(ly)
in hand holding
in harmony with agreeing/harmonizing with
in haste quickly
in hiding secretly/incognito
in high spirits upbeat
in honor of honoring
in horror of abhorring
in isolation isolated
in its infancy beginning/inception
in jeopardy risking
in keeping with maintaining
in labor laboring/giving birth
in league with allied
in length DELETE
in line with follows
in love with loves
in memory of remembering/honoring
in mid-air mid-air
in mind thinking
in moderation moderately
in mourning mourning
in name only artificial/sinecure
in office elected/representing
in operation using/used
in opposition to opposing
in origin originally
in other words basically
in pain hurting
in particular specifically
in person DELETE
in pieces broken
in place of replacing
in possession of owning/possessing
in poverty impoverished
in practice traditionally
in preference to preferring
in preparation for for/preparing for
in principle theoretically
in private privately
in progress progressing
in proportion to proportionally/proportionately
in proportion with proportionately/proportionally
in public publically
in pursuit of pursuing
in quantity amount
in question DELETE
in recognition of recognizing
in relation to relates/relating (to)
in reply to replying
in reserve reserved
in residence residing
in respect of respecting
in response to responding to
in revenge for to avenge
in reverse backwards/reverse
in ruins ruined
in safety safe
best interest DELETE
her opinion DELETE or thinks
my opinion DELETE or think
his opinion DELETE or thinks
in search of searching for
in secret secretly/incognito
in self-defense defensively
in settlement of DELETE
in silence silently
in store expecting/imminent
in succession succeeding
in support of supporting
in sympathy with sympathizing with
in tears crying
in terror terrified
in the absence of lacking/without
in the aftermath resulting in
in the balance DELETE
in the case of for
in the distance distantly
in the event of if
in the extreme extremely
in the eyes of according to
in the flesh DELETE
in the form of DELETE
in the habit of usually
in the interests of for
in the lead leading
in the long run eventually
in the making forming OR REWRITE
in the meantime meanwhile/simultaneously
in the mood for desiring/wanting
in the name of for
in the night at night
in the open openly
in the process of beginning to/starting to
in the right correct
in the seclusion of secluded by
in the shade shaded
in the space of within
in the wake of after
in the way of like
in the wrong wrong
in theory theoretically
in times of during
in town here/there
in trouble troubled/embattled
in tune with agreeing with
in turmoil disagreeing
in turn DELETE
in unison together
in vain vainly
in view of considering
in vogue hip/fashionable/chic
of the opinion thinks or DELETE
on duty working
off duty off
off their rocker crazy
on the watch for waiting for/expecting
behind late
on schedule punctual
off the record private(ly)
on the record public(ly)
on the road travelling
under oath sworn
under pain of DELETE
on the air playing
off the air discontinued
off balance unbalanced
on a diet dieting
on a large scale generally
on a small scale specifically
on a regular basis regularly
on account of due to/because of
on average generally
on behalf of for
on condition that assuming/if
on credit borrowing/lending
on display displayed
on edge worried
on end DELETE
on file recorded
on fire burning
on foot walking
on good terms amicable/friendly
on guard guarding
on hand DELETE
on horseback horseriding
on impulse impulsively
on leave absent/vacationing/travelling
on no account never
on occasion occasionally
own terms DELETE
on your own individually
on her own individually
on his own individually
on their own individually
on one individually
on paper recorded
on patrol patroling
on purpose intentionally
upon reflection DELETE
on reflection DELETE
on sale discounted
on second thought however
on show displayed
on strike striking
on suspicion of suspecting
on the agenda planned
on the assumption assuming/if
on the brink of nearly/almost
on the dot exactly
on the edge of nearly/almost
on the eve of near
on the grounds of because of
on the horizon near/soon
on the hour prompt
on the increase increasing
on the job working
on the move moving
on the off-chance if
on the outskirts nearby/near
on the part of for
on the phone talking
on the point of near/close to
on the run running
on the strength of based on
on the stroke of DELETE
on the tip of near to
on the top of leading
on the understanding that given/assuming
on the verge of almost
on the way to heading to/toward
on time prompt
on vacation vacationing
in fashion fashionable
out of fashion unfashionable
in print current
out of print discontinued
in step following
out of step not following
out of breath winded/exhausted/tired
out of control uncontrollable
out of curiosity DELETE
out of date outdated
out of doors outside
out of order broken
out of pity sympathizing/pitying
out of place improper
out of reach unreachable
out of respect for honoring
out of sight unattainable
out of spite spiteing
out of stock unavailable
out of the ordinary unusual
out of the question impossible
out of work unemployed
through no fault of innocently
on the contrary instead
to an extent DELETE
to date DELETE
to excess excessively
to one surprisingly
to his face directly
to her face directly
to my face directly
to this day until now
to the best of DELETE
to the detriment of harming
to the exclusion of excluding
to the full fully
under age a minor
under arrest arrested
under consideration X is considering
under construction X is constructing
under discussion discussing
under lock and key protected/safeguarded
under pressure pressured
under regulations expected
under repair X is repairing
under strain straining to
under stress stressed
under suspicion suspected of
under the command of commanded by
under the impression that thinking/believing that
under the influence intoxicated/high/drunk
under the misapprehension assuming
without success unsuccessfully
with success successfully
with a view to DELETE or to
with an eye to DELETE or to
with regret regretfully
with respect to regarding
with the aid of with
with the compliments of thanks to
with the help of thanks to
with the intention of intending to
within reason reasonably
within grasp near
within reach of attainable/can attain
within walking distance nearby/near
without a doubt undoubtedly
without doubt undoubtedly
without a break unceasingly
without a hitch easily
without delay directly
without exception universally
without fail dependably
without foundation baseless
without precedent unprecedented
without question unquestionably
without warning unexpected
whole different different
do not like dislike

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