Short Prayer For Healing And Recovery For Someone/Friend

Do you know someone who is sick?. Are reading this page to get a short prayer for the healing and recovery of someone, a friend, family member, colleague etc? Let me tell you this, you are doing one of the most humanitarian deeds on earth.

What you are doing has both physical and spiritual effects. When we pray for the sick, we are praying for God’s will to be done “on earth as it is in heaven”

Look, you don’t have to be a pastor or a prayer warrior to pray for the sick. God has given us a mouth not just to eat and talk but to also pray to him. Praying for the sick, besides being “powerful and effective” (James 5:16), is also a great comfort to those who are suffering.

I can think of no greater gift to give another human being than to appear before the throne of the Lord on their behalf to ask for a blessing.

Please note, before using these short prayers for the healing and recovery of someone or a friend, ensure you first give thanks to God. Thanksgiving is necessary. You must first come to God with thanksgiving before making any further prayer. Each of those short for healing and recovery comes with a prayer message/verse.

Short Prayer For Healing And Recovery For Someone/Friend

(Praying from home)

  • Deut. 33:26 – Oh God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, ride the heavens for my friend’s sake for healing and recovery in Jesus’s name.
  • 1 Sam. 11:9 – Oh Lord! By the time the sun is hot tomorrow, I shall find that my friend is healed from every infirmity Jesus name.
  • 2 Kings 6:27 – Oh Lord, if you do not heal my friend, who can? Right now, oh lord let your healing power and recovery grace be present in my friend’s life in Jesus’s name.
  • 2 Chron. 32:8 – Oh Lord, be my present help and fight my battles today in Jesus’s name.
  • Job 35:9 – Oh Lord, help my friends and deliver him/her from the arm of the mighty of this world in Jesus’s name.
  • Psalm 3:2 – Oh Lord, put to shame those who say of me that there is no help for me in Jesus’s name.
  • Psalm 20:2 – Oh Lord my prayer. Send healing and recovery to my friend from the sanctuary and strengthen him/her out of Zion in Jesus’s name.
  • Psalm 22:11 – Oh Lord, we have no one here on earth that can help us. Help and heal my friend. Save my friend so that the enemies will not cause me to weep in Jesus’s name.
  • Psalm 22:19 – Oh Lord, I renew my faith in you today. You are my strength. Hasten your help in Jesus’s name.
  • Psalm 27:9 – Oh Lord! Do not hide your face from my friend at this trying period. We need you for healing. We need you for a quick recovery. Do not turn away my prayer request in anger because of any sin hiding in my life. You have been our healer before now. Do not leave me nor forsake my friend, O God of my salvation
  • Psalm 30:10 – Oh Lord, have mercy on my friend and heal him/her in Jesus’s name.
  • Psalm 33:20 – Oh Lord, my soul waits for your healing hands to touch my friend. Do not tarry at this period in Jesus’s name.
  • Isa. 50:7 – I set my face like a flint today and I decree that your healing power will locate every sickness and disease in my friend’s body in Jesus’s name.
  • Isa. 63:5 – Oh Lord, it is evident that there is no one to help. I, therefore, stretch out my hands to you for help (mention the area you need help) from above in Jesus’s name.
  • Dan. 10:13 – As you sent help through Angel Michael, send your healing power to my friend today
  • Acts 26:22 – Oh Lord, let me obtain help so I can witness to both small and great about your might in Jesus’s name.
  • Heb. 4:16 – Oh Lord, let your throne of grace release healing and recovery from above on my friend in Jesus’s name.

Short Prayer For Healing And Recovery For Someone/Friend

(Praying beside the sick friend)

(Guideline by Sam Adeosun)

  • Give thanks to God for this opportunity and because God does answer your prayer. Do this before you leave home.
  • Ask for forgiveness of your sins and that of the person you are about to pray for before you leave home.
  • Go with faith in the name of Jesus Christ. (Please never pray in the name of any pastor, prophet or overseer. If you must use “the God of…”, use “The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”. This is the only name sanctioned by God to be used in Prayers FOREVER and a memorial to ALL generations. See Exo. 3:15).
  • Go with anointing oil. (Just anointing oil. It does not necessarily mean that you have prayed over it before now. You can even buy it on the way to where you are going).
  • Have faith that whatever you prayed for is answered.
  • Don’t pray for the sick with the intention of taking the glory for yourself. Pray with the intention of giving God the glory. Remember that wherever His name is lifted, He will respond mightily.
  • If the sick person is an unbeliever, speak first about Jesus Christ with him/her. He/she must give consent and understand that his/her faith is required in the process of healing. The sick person must also renounce all rituals used before now.

Short Prayer For Healing And Recovery For A Friend

  1. Mark 6:13 – In the name of Jesus Christ! Every demonic spirit that hides within this sickness, I cast you out in Jesus’s name.
  2. Mark 16:18 – I carry this covenant of the Scriptures and I lay my hands on you. Be healed in Jesus’ name.
  3. Luke 4:40 – With faith, I bring down the hand of Jesus to your body for healing that in Jesus name receive perfect healing now in Jesus name.
  4. Acts 19:12 – This is an ordinary handkerchief which I just used and I take it to touch your body. What this means is that I share with you the spirit of well-ness in me. Therefore, rise and be healed in Jesus’s name.
  5. Acts 28:8 – Just as Apostle Peter did, I lay my hand on you and I speak the word of healing into your life and be healed permanently in Jesus’s name.
  6. Jam. 5:14,15 – I anoint you in the name of the God of Abraham, I anoint you in the name of the God of Isaac, I anoint you in the name of the God of Jacob. Receive total healing of your body in Jesus’ name.

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