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Are you searching for E words to describe someone you love? Perhaps you are searching for E words for copying writing or to write a rhythmic poem? You are definitely reading the right page. There are lots of descriptive words that begin with the letter E and perfectly fit to describe someone you love.

I know it is hard to find those perfect alternative words for love to express or describe someone you love. For a fact, you are not alone; humans have been looking for the best words to describe love for aeons, and yet we are often short of words and this is the very reason why I have collated some soothing E words that will amaze your lover or readers.

These are the best E Words To Describe Someone You Love

  • Eager: showing or having a keen interest or intense desire — sharp.
  • Early: arriving before expected time or event — beginning — near the start — very young.
  • Earnest: showing deep sincerity — diligent — hearty — ardent to obtain or do.,
  • Earthly: possible — conceivable — terrestrial — real.
  • Easygoing: without worry or concern — relaxed — unhurried — leisurely.
  • Ebullient: joyously enthusiastic — high-spirited — overflowing — bubbling.
  • Eclectic: choosing — selecting — one who selects seemingly best of various ideas or styles.
  • Ecstatic: pleasurable, joyful, delighted, happy, overpowering or entrancing beyond measure.
  • Edified: instructed and encouraged in intellectual, moral or spiritual improvement.
  • Educated: possessing more than average knowledge — showing evidence of experience, schooling or training – characterized by full comprehension of the problem.
  • Effervescent: enthusiastic — vivacious — fizzy — high-spirited.
  • Efficient: producing or acting effectively with a minimum of waste, effort, energy or expense — making careful or good use of resources or available energy.
  • Effortless: without or with little effort or strain.
  • Effulgent: shining — radiant — resplendent — splendid — luminous.
  • Elaborate: rich and intricate in detail — fancy — flashy — showy — planned, executed or finished with great care and exactness
  • Elated: extremely joyful and proud — highly pleased or delighted — high-spirited.
  • Electric: emotionally exciting or thrilling — electrifying — magnetic.
  • Electrifying: causing a surge of excitement or emotion — thrilling — startling.
  • Eleemosynary: relating or dependent of charity, aid or alms — gratuitous — generous in assistance of the poor and needy.
  • Elegant: displaying tasteful, refined and pleasing beauty and behaviour or style — polished — polite — graceful.
  • Eligible: worthy, qualified or allowed of being chosen or elected — suitable.
  • Eloquent: characterized by persuasive speech — articulate — fluently — expressing effectively and clearly.
  • Emerald: bright and rich in yellowish or green colour, like that of the emerald.
  • Emerging: coming into existence — rising — emergent — newly formed — coming to maturity.
  • Eminent: remarkable — prominent — lofty — high — outstanding — important — noteworthy — being metaphorically above others.
  • Empathetic: showing comprehension, understanding and empathy for others — recognizing others feelings.
  • Employable: able to be employed or used — fit n. one who is qualified and ready to work.
  • Empowered: having power or confidence to make relevant choices to one’s situation — enabled — permitted.
  • Enamoured: totally in love — foolishly in love.
  • Enchanting: having the ability or power to enchant — fascinating — charming — delightful.
  • Encouraging: giving courage, hope or confidence — auspicious — supporting.
  • Endearing: making beloved or dear — inspiring sympathy or affection.
  • Endless: seeming to be or being without a limit or end — boundless — unlimited — continuous.
  • Enduring: durable — lasting — continuing.
  • Energetic: displaying or possessing energy — lively — making effort and work to promote an enterprise marked by efficiency.
  • Engaging: attractive — charming — interesting — engrossing — enthralling — winning — pleasing.
  • Enjoyable: pleasant — yielding satisfaction, pleasure or enjoyment.
  • Enlightened: informed — educated — wise — made aware of something — having knowledge.
  • Enlivened: made lively, spirited, sprightly or cheerful.
  • Enormous: extremely large and great in size, extent, amount, power or degree — huge.
  • Enraptured: filled with great joy and pleasure.
  • Enterprising: showing courage, willingness and initiative to attempt of some task or new project — active resolute — being able in business dealings.
  • Entertaining: amusing — pleasing — diverting.
  • Enthralling: exciting — charming — capturing interest.
  • Enthusiastic: motivated — zealous — excited — interested.
  • Entrancing: charming — hypnotic — enthralling.
  • Entrepreneurial: willing to take risks in order to earn a financial gain.
  • Epideictic: done for show or display (usually in rhetorical manner).
  • Equable: steady — calm — unvarying — tranquil — serene — not changing or variable.
  • Equiponderant: having equal weight, force or influence — evenly balanced.
  • Equipped: fitted and provided with proper equipment for a purpose.
  • Equitable: marked by what is fair, impartial and just.
  • Equivalent: having identical or similar attributes or effects.
  • Errorless: free from error or errors — perfect — correct — accurate.
  • Erudite: learned — instructed — taught — scholarly.
  • Especial: of exceptional or special significance or importance — distinguished from others.
  • Essential: absolutely necessary — basic and fundamental — existent.
  • Established: conforming with accepted standards — set up or brought about — shown to be valid without a doubt.
  • Esteemed: respected — having admiration or approval from others.
  • Euphonic: pleasing or easy in sound or to the ear — harmonious.
    Euphonious: pleasing, sweet or agreeable in sound — pleasant and agreeable to the ear.
  • Euphoric: an extreme or intense feeling of happiness, pleasure or well-being.
  • Even-handed: free from preconceived opinion — treating fairly (not favouring one side over another).
  • Eventful: rich in or full of events — pertaining high levels of activity, issues or results — momentous.
  • Everlasting: eternal — enduring or lasting forever n. eternity — eternal duration.
  • Evocative: having the power or tending to evoke — calling forth — developing.
  • Exact: characterized by agreeing with a standard, truth or the fact — accurate — punctual.
  • Exalted: praised — elevated — honored — elated — dignified — heavenly — sublime — lofty.
  • Exceeding: exceptional — extraordinary — anything that exceeds what is usual.
  • Excellent: of the finest or highest quality — superior — splendid.
  • Exciting: arousing, creating or producing excitement — stimulating interest.
  • Executive: capable or fitted for execution — characterized by the managerial or administrative authority.
  • Exhilarating: making lively, cheerful and joyful — invigorating — causing exhilaration — enlivening.
  • Expansive: friendly — sociable — great in size or extent — causing expansion.
  • Expectant: marked or having by expectation — eagerly looking for.
  • Expeditious: done with efficiency and speed — prompt — swift.
  • Expeditive: performing with quickness and speed.
  • Explicit: clearly, precisely and fully expressed, defined or formulated (as in not obscured or disguised) — readily observable.
  • Explorative: tending to explore — exploratory.
  • Expressive: effectively conveying feeling or thought — significant — communicative — serving to express.
  • Exquisite: keen — precise — accurate — exact — flawless — exceedingly beautiful, elegant or dainty.
  • Extraordinary: beyond what is expected or usual — exceptional — remarkable.
  • Extravagant: profuse — extremely abundant.
  • Exultant: expressing or characterized by rejoicing or joy — triumphant.

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