Do you know someone who is about to write an exam? If yes, then we have some exam wishes you can send to them via SMS, WhatsApp or over the phone conversation. Exam success wishes are usually short words expressing happiness, thoughts and prayers to a student.

We all know how crazy the exam period can be. There is bound to be some feelings of stress and anxiety. While stress is student response to pressure, anxiety is a feeling of fear or apprehension about the possible outcome of the exam and of course, we all want success.

So, whether this person is your close friend, colleague or family member, sending them exam success wishes can help relieve them of negative thought and encourage them to keep smiling during the exam period.

Exam Success Wishes for Students

  • A calm and composed mind would surely do wonders. All the best for your exams


  • Are you ready for today exams? Wish you the best luck and I know that you will get the highest score


  • Chuck your fear out of the window. Take your exams with courage and you would surely do well.


  • Congratulations on having the courage to take the next step in the advancement of your career, and of course I wish you fence with your exam because more money for you means more money for me!


  • Dear son, you have really burnt the midnight oil. Now the time has come to put your knowledge to test. All our prayers are with you Good luck for your exams.
  • Dearie now is the day my investment really pays off. Go out and make me proud!


  • Don’t fret, don’t shake, it’s only an exam. Give it your best shot and come out in flying colours. All the very best.


  • Don’t let the exams get in the way to your goals and dreams save all the stress for more the biggest thing in your life. All the best to you


  • Don’t be afraid if something will not be good enough as you thought. Keep calm and do your best. I wish you success


  • Exams will test not only your knowledge but also your state of mind. So, calm down and be relaxed cause you are truly the best. Best wishes to you


  • Exam wishes: Fear and nervousness have no room in your mind. Go ahead and do well in your exams. All the best


  • Fill your mind with hope and optimism and dispel all negative thoughts. Dowell our prayers are with you.
  • Hi, I want to wish you good luck for today exams I will wait for good news.


  • I already know you are going to pass your exams but still want to wish you good luck for the sake of your own edification and self-confidence.


  • If you do well in your exams. lucrative opportunities would open for you. Good luck with your exams


  • In this exam, I’m confident of nothing short of victory for you. May landslide success be yours. Good luck.


  • In this exam, may you shine more than your peers. May your efforts be coloured. All the best.
  • It is natural to be nervous before your exams, but you have worked hard and know your subjects like the back of your hand. All you need to do is to focus and don’t let fear grip you


  • May unusual insight and understanding be yours as you prepare for this exam. This is my exam wish for


  • May you do well in this and every exam that follows. We will pray for you. All the best


  • May your efforts be decorated with all the colours of the rainbow. May this exam be an opportunity for you to shine. Goodluck.


  • No single exam can define you. You are already a success to me; I know you will excel.


  • On this important day, I only want to wish you the biggest luck and say that you are the best student ever. There is nothing impossible


  • One day before the exam revise every little thing you learned because trust me you will need it. Don’t forget to don’t hard subjects you find difficult. Revise them well.


  • Our sincere prayers for your success in the exams. Do well and make us proud.


  • Still can’t believe that today is exams day I sincerely wish you good luck. You are the best


  • Studying is a hard process but after all, you will see that everything was worth it. You are worth the best scores. Good luck my friend
  • Take your exams with confidence I am sure would pass with flying colours. All the best.


  • There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you will pass this examination if only you are focused, so take care and good luck!


  • This exam is not only a test of what you have learned but a testament to your resolve and discipline. Good luck.


  • This exam is nothing but a stepping stone to your professional goals. I know you will brilliantly ace it and gracefully make your way to fortune and success!


  • This is a test of your aptitude in a particular area, not of the overall value of your life. So, go in with God’s blessings and also a spirit of calmness and faith! You’ll see great success.


  • This is your day. You own it! The past few days of your life were leading up to this very moment. Good luck!


  • Wish you good luck with this hard exam week. You are very smart and clever. Everything will be okay


  • You have good knowledge of your subjects. Just spill out on the paper whatever you know. All the best


  • You have my luck, hope and good wishes, but that is only going to carry you so far. Now it is up to you to step up and try to knock the ball out of the park!
  • You have the sharpest memory so focus well and give your best shot during the exams Good luck


  • You know everything. Just keep your focus and you would do well. All the best.


  • You worked hard in school all year long and now you will use this knowledge. Everything you learned will be needed today. Remember everyone wishes you good luck the teachers, friends and family


  • Instead of thinking about your exams better think about what you will do after getting great results Good luck to you buddy


  • Your preparation leading up to this day was amazing, and there is no reason at all for you not to pass with flying colours.


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