In our world of advanced communication technology, individual identification of our phones is integral. In some countries, the numbers are as much as 10 or 11 digits, sometimes making it difficult to commit these numbers to memory. In a case where you have different phone numbers from different cellular networks, getting hold of the one needed at a particular period can be a very rigid process.

Sometimes, all the numbers just scramble up in your head, leaving you confused and unable to make use of that number hastily. Due to this reason, cellular networks have introduced different methods to check your phone number quickly without altering the activity or operation it is needed for.

Every network has its unique way of checking and confirming a phone number. For this article, we will be talking about one of the oldest and most popular network providers in Nigeria, MTN. The majority of the population in Nigeria uses MTN, making it a giant of communication in this part of the world. In this article, we will be outlining the methods by which you can easily check your MTN number(s). These methods are quick and will come in handy someday soon.

  • How to check MTN number using USSD code
    1. Dial the USSD code *123*1# or *663#
    2. Select the number 1 to “know my number”.
    3. Your number will be displayed on your screen.
    4. An SMS containing the Phone number will also be sent to you.
  • How to check MTN number using SMS
    1. Open your messages or SMS app
    2. Start a new message, and send ‘care’ to 5018
    3. You will receive a message with a link to the MYMTN app
    4. Click the link and get access to your phone number from the app.

NOTE: The MYMTN app is a resourceful application for every MTN user that helps with various tasks and services related to the network. It is advisable that every MTN user have the application downloaded on their phone for quick and easy on-demand service.

  • How to check your MTN using the Mobile APP
    1. Download the MYMTN app from the play store.
    2. Open the app after downloading.
    3. Click on Proceed to go to the next page.
    4. A dashboard with your phone number on it will be displayed boldly.
  • How to check your MTN using the Call me back service
    1. Dial *133# using your MTN network.
    2. Input the number of the receiver you would like to send this message to on the pop-up menu.
    3. Click on “Call me. I need your assistance”, which is number 5 on the menu.
    4. Wait for your friend to call, and politely request your phone number from them.
  • How to check your MTN via calling or asking your friend.
    1. Call your friend with your phone.
    2. Ask them to please call out your phone number which is visible on their hand.
    3. You can write down the phone number or memorize it, as it is being called out to you.
  • How to check your number via Customer Service.
    1. Dial the customer care service from any network.
    2. Follow the instructions to get in touch with a customer service representative.
    3. Once connected, ask for your phone number from the representative.
    4. They will do that happily and your number will be revealed to you.

NOTE the following:

  • If you are dialing the customer care service from an MTN line, the code to use is 180.
  • If you are dialing from other networks, the number to call is 08031000180.
  • If you are dialing from outside Nigeria, the number to call is +2348031000180.

As earlier mentioned, these methods to check your MTN number will come in handy and will save you the stress of memorizing too many phone numbers. Now, you can do all you want with your phone number, without the limitations of forgetfulness and confusion.

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