Sharing airtime from your current balance to other users is a creative idea from MTN that has helped in so many ways. Undoubtedly, this is a valuable operation that always comes in handy. There are occasions when you needed to get airtime for a friend or family and instead of tampering with already budgeted funds, you just sent from your airtime. Or when you recharge more than you should mistakenly, transferring airtime has been one way to resell instead of wallowing in loss.

These and so many other reasons are why MTN came up with the idea of airtime transfer. However, not so many people have taken advantage of this due to ignorance about how to carry out the operation. If you fall into that category, rest assured, we will be providing a solution to your problem. In this article, you will learn how to transfer MTN airtime, and the different methods used to transfer MTN airtime.

MTN is the largest telecommunication network in Africa. With a large customer base of about 240 million users on the continent, they are saddled with a huge responsibility to ensure customer happiness and loyalty. Taking into account the issues customers face, an idea called ‘MTN share’ was introduced. MTN share is that unique feature that allows you to share airtime from your recharge balance with other users. This feature has saved people from losing connections in important times and has helped to keep users active. This is why we will be explaining how to transfer airtime between MTN users.


Before you can transfer airtime from your balance to other users, you must first change your transfer pin. Usually, your MTN sim comes with a default transfer pin which is ‘0000’. However, to carry out the transfer airtime operation, you must first change your pin to a personal one before it can work. There are two ways to do that;

    • Open your message app and start a new chat.
    • Text default pin, new pin, new pin to 777. For example, assuming your new pin is “1234”. You will text, 0000, 1234,1234 to 777.
    • You will get a message confirming your pin change for transfer.
    • Dial *777*default pin*new pin*new pin#. For example, assuming your new pin is ‘1234’. You will dial, *777*0000*1234*1234#.
    • You will get a message confirming your pin change for transfer.


After changing your pin for transfer, you should be able to transfer airtime, whether you are an old or a new MTN customer. There are three solid methods by which you can transfer airtime from your recharge balance to other users. They are;

    • Dial *777*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN# on your phone and then click send. For example, using ‘1234’ as your pin, dial*777* your friend’s number*500*1234# and then send.
    • When the transfer has been completed, you will receive a message informing you that the transfer was successful, and your airtime reduced.
    • Launch your message app and start a new chat.
    • Text “transfer, Recipient’s Number, Amount, and PIN” to 777. For example, using 1234 as your pin, you can send an SMS saying “Transfer friend’s number 500 123” to 777.
    • After sending the message, you will receive an SMS asking you to confirm the transfer.
    • Send a text saying “YES” to 777.
    • After confirming the transfer, you will receive a message saying the transfer was successful.


  • Download the MYMTN app from the Play Store or IOS store.
  • Launch the app, sign up, and log into the app.
  • Once inside the app, scroll down to “Quick Access” and click on “Share Airtime”.
  • Enter the phone number of the person you want to share airtime with.
  • Input your share pin and the amount you want to share.
  • Confirm your transaction and click Proceed to share the airtime.

NOTE: There are some conditions that should be met to enable successful airtime transfer. They are;

  • For pre-paid accounts, you need to have airtime of the transfer you want to make before it is successful. While for a post-paid account, your airtime balance must be positive, before you can carry out the airtime transfer operation.
  • You can only transfer between N50-N5000 at a time to one account.
  • The maximum amount limit of transfers per day is N100,000.
  • There is no limit to the number of transfer transactions you can make per day, or the number of accounts you can transfer to, as long as you do not pass the N100,000 limit.

As long as these conditions are met, your transfer operations will be successful. In a situation where you lose your transfer pin, you can retrieve it by calling customer care. Dial 300 to call customer care and they will help reset your pin to the default pin. This usually takes 24 hours.

However, you will need to go through the process to change the transfer pin (follow the process above), before you can make any transfer transaction.

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