Health education courses in Nigeria are a kind of medical-related course. If you wish to know more about Health Education courses in Nigeria, then this guide is for you. This page will you guide you on everything you need to know about health education courses in Nigeria, the job opportunities for health education graduates and available health education courses in Nigeria which you can study in any university, polytechnic, colleges or health institutes.
About Health Education Courses in Nigeria.
Health education courses are social science-related courses that combine biological, psychological, environmental, medical, and physical sciences into health practices and health promotion to preventing health disasters, disabilities, diseases, and unnecessary death through educational awareness and teachings.

The aim of this course is to explore, implement, and instruct the public on various strategies and approaches to raising and maintaining a healthy living and environment. Health educationists focus on creating and implementing effective ways and strategies for health promotion in and around communities. They also organize and host health education intervention programs, plan and carry out health Awareness seminars, implement and run health campaigns, etc.
Topics and Areas of interest in Health Education
Health education covers topics and issues like; injury prevention, violence prevention, substance abuse prevention, sexual health education, emotional health education, nutrition, and physical activity.
Where can they work?
Health Education Graduates work is mainly anchored on exploring new and existing healthy methods to helping people make safety decisions on health-related issues by impacting them with knowledge, skills, beliefs, attitude to safety living and thereby caution them on negative and deadly health practices, behaviour, and habits.

They can work in schools, community health centres, healthcare organizations, daycares centres, and hospitals. Their jobs in the above-listed places are to give instructions and provide direction and leadership to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle. Health education covers various aspects of responsibilities conducts required for professional

These are the List of Health Education Courses In Nigeria

In case you still want to find out other courses that are related to Health Education Courses, then below are some that are highly professional and valuable health education courses in and outside Nigeria.

  1. Environmental Health Technology
  2. Environmental Management and Toxicology
  3. Health And Safety Education
  4. Health Information Management
  5. Animal Health and Production Technology
  6. Human Kinetics and Health Education
  7. Physical and Health Education  
  8. Public Health Technology
  9. Sport Science and Health Education
  10. Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  11. Social Work
  12. Nursing/Nursing Science
  13. Psychology
  14. Biochemistry
  15. Biomedical Technology
  16. Cell Biology and Genetics
  17. Dentistry and Dental Surgery
  18. Human Anatomy
  19. Medical Biochemistry
  20. Medical Laboratory Science
  21. Medical Rehabilitation
  22. Medicine and Surgery
  23. Nutrition and Dietetics – Medicine
  24. Optometry
  25. Pharmacology
  26. Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  27. Pharmacy
  28. Physiology
  29. Physiotherapy
  30. Radiography
  31. Science Laboratory Technology

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