For a while, I have watched how the HND top up programme in Nigeria unfolded itself into becoming one of the most sought after programmes for HND holders in Nigeria. HND Top up in Nigeria is relatively new though has been in existence for quite some times in oversea.

What is HND top up in Nigeria? HND Top Up programmes are for those who have successfully completed a Higher National Diploma (HND) and want to study further. This, they achieve by joining the final year of an undergraduate degree programme which may or may not be related to their previous course of study.

From the definition above, does this means HND is wrong?
No. HND is an excellent qualification in itself, depending on your career ambitions, you may decide that it’s worth studying a little longer for a degree. Let the truth be told, many HND graduates undertake an HND top up in Nigeria because the career prospects for a Degree graduate is much better than that of an HND graduate. Bachelor degree holders typically command a higher starting salary and better career advancement opportunities.

In Nigeria, HND holder and Bachelors degree holder in Nigeria have what is called degree inequality, thus, the major aim is to provide a level playing field by way of Bachelor’s Degree Programme, to those determined to beat discriminations between University Degree and HND holders.

What qualifies you for HND top up in Nigeria?
If you have your HND, you automatically qualify for HND top up in Nigeria. Aside from trying to get a much better degree, many students who could not stand out academically (Third Class/or Pass) during their first degree due to one challenge or the other can undertake HND top up in a bid to remedy their results.

  • HND holders with lower credit or pass
  • Graduates (BSc/HND) who want to change to another related or different course.
  • University graduates (BSc) with a third (3rd) class or pass can consider the course to chase a better grade.

Does a bachelor’s degree holder qualify for top up?
Yes, top up are not meant for HND only. The programme also provides an avenue for which a University Degree holder, hitherto dissatisfied with his/her class of degree, could “top up” and come out better which in turn promote self-actualization and imbue professional fulfilment with dignity.

How long do I have to study to get my HND top up in Nigeria
By default, HND top up in Nigeria is a 1-year program which may run as a full time or part-time programme and of course, this programme works differently depending on the university. Therefore, you should check the details of the programme for each school and decide which one is best for you.

This is the list of universities with HND top up programmes in Nigeria

  • Ajayi Crowther University
  • Alhikmah University
  • Babcock University
  • Bells University Of Technology
  • Delta State University
  • Federal University Oye-Ekiti
  • Ignatius AJuru University Of Education
  • Kwara State University
  • Lagos State University
  • Saint Monica University (SMU), Cameroon
  • University Of Ibadan
  • University of Lagos
  • Wesley University

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