I’m very much aware that many students are seeking to study Anesthesia in Nigeria and you reading this right now simply means you have an interest in Anesthesia. Some student are looking for a Diploma programme in Anaesthesia, Some are looking for information on how to become an anesthesiologist in Nigeria etc. Anaesthesiology course is designed to equip students for a specialized position in the medical field, somewhat of career-oriented.

Students in Anaesthesia programs (Anaesthesiology) gain a full understanding of the procedures and safety regulations related to all three types of Anaesthesia (general, local and regional). Student will learn to operate the Anaesthesia gas machine, as well as how to assess, monitor and properly care for patients.

Student will get an overview of the effects and use of various kinds of anaesthetics to human beings while at the same time get an intensive study on pharmacodynamics and pharmacology of inhaling anaesthetics, use of Anaesthesia in orthopaedics and traumatology, toxicology, paediatrics and neonatology.

Anaesthetist are mostly found assisting Doctors/Surgeons in Intensive Care Units (ICU), Emergency wards and departments and Operation Theatres. Largely, their task is preoperative. That means they are required before the operation starts, to administer the anaesthetic agent to the patient. In some cases, there are also needed to perform the said task during or after surgery.

Unfortunately, Anaesthesiology is not a standalone course in Nigeria Universities. Medical students only come across Anaesthesia course during their special posting period. To study Anaesthesia properly, you may need to go for Postgraduate degree in Anaesthesiology.

I have listed out of the Universities and schools where you will find Anaesthesia. I’m very sure these are not the only universities offering Anaesthesiology. Endeavour to make further research on this.

Universities offering Anaesthesia in Nigeria

  • Lagos State University
  • University of Port Harcourt
  • University of Ilorin
  • University of Nigeria
  • University of Jos
  • University of Lagos
  • Olabisi Onabanjo University
  • Amadu Bello University
  • University of Benin
  • School of Anaesthetic Studies, Badagry

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