Whether we Africans like it or not, Foreign education beat us down to a bit. Developing countries are indeed developing in all aspect and education is not exempted. If we all have our way, I believe many will travel abroad for education but probable difficulties like travelling expenses may discourage us but now we have been giving the opportunity to study with foreign universities online.

Studying online has numerous advantage especially to a student of developing countries like Nigeria who finds admission conditions disheartening or those who wish to study abroad without leaving their current location. I hope you don’t except a billion list. The title is merely expressing the fact that online study cannot be emphasised.

  • Distance and Location is no longer a barrier – You study from your bedroom, restaurant, beach and anywhere you feel comfortable. Yeah! that is right. I learnt Vocational courses online such as website development, Autocad online, SEO optimization online. You too can learn…


  • No fixed time for registration /admission – When you’re ready, they are ready for you.

  • No exorbitant monetary obligations – We all know the cost of travelling abroad. From getting a passport, to visa and getting accommodation etc. Online study saves money for other necessity.


  • 24/hours access to support and enquiry –  When you study online, you’re placed on priority one access level. A personnel will be assigned to you for quick access to online support 24hrs non-stop.


  • No attendance registration required: When you study online, you’re the timekeeper. You decide the time and hours of study.


  • Learn in your own space: Study online makes learning easy because you can repeat lessons you don’t understand. You can’t do that with traditional learning method where lecturers are as busy as a bee.


  • Pace your efforts in learning: You can choose how often you which to learn and the method of learning. simply put; you create your own schedule for learning


  • No awaiting certificate –  You will be issued your certificate, not testimonial and the term Online Study will not appear on your certificate


  • Are you disabled Don’t worry about the stress of moving from one class to the other. Your disability is never an excuse when it comes to online study.


  • Choose wide varieties of an online course to study



  • For Nigerians, JAMB UTME is not needed to study online course (foreign)


  • Are you working With online study, work and study made easy – keep working, keep learning, keep earning

  • Get jobs easily with a foreign degree –  Recruiters love it so.
  • Paperless learning no expensive book
  • Lower tuition fee – Online degree is far inexpensive
  • Yes! From enrollment to graduation, everything takes place online

You can always apply any time any day though some may have fix time for admission. So what are you waiting for Oh, wait! less I forgot. You can be an undergraduate and still study online – Double degree

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7 thoughts on “A Billion Benefits of Studying Online Degree Course”

  1. Is it ok to choose online study over offline study? I think to prepare online, student needs to be more focused because there are many things which can divert the student’s mind while studying.

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