Online study is the systematic use of educational technology to facilitate the tedious process of distance learning. It is a process whereby a student enrols for a degree or vocational course online, learn all there is and acquire a degree certificate or of competency.

Physical presence is not required to study a course online, although some may require your present for registration if you’re within the country where you choose to study online.

Distance learning had been in existence for long – but the advancement in technology and the process of information dissemination had transitioned distant learning to online study. You can have access to a pre-recorded lesson or absent but visually present in the classroom to receive lectures, access library resources online and other learning materials right from any location. The internet has played a major in this transition.

Benefits of studying online courses.

Online study has numerous advantage especially to a student of developing countries who finds admission conditions disheartening or those who wish to study abroad without leaving their current location.

  • Distance and Location is no longer a barrier – You study from your bedroom
  • No fixed time for registration /admission – When you’re ready, they are ready for you.
  • No exorbitant monetary obligations – No visa fee, accommodation etc.
  • 24/hours access to support and enquiry
  • No attendance registration required
  • Learn in your own space
  • Pace your efforts in learning
  • Choose wide varieties of an online course to study
  • No Faculty or Departmental formality screening
  • JAMB UTME is not needed to study online (foreign)
  • Create your own schedule for learning
  • Work and study made easy
  • No awaiting certificate
  • Get jobs easily with a foreign degree
  • Paperless learning

There are two types of courses you can study online

Online Degree Course are traditional course turned digital – No need for classroom formalities

  • Online Bachelors Course
  • Online Masters Course
  • Online PhDs Course

Non Degree or Vocational courses are usually associated with trade, skills and entrepreneurship

  • Web design
  • Catering
  • Soap Making
  • Programming etc

Who can study online courses

Anyone can study onlineThough there are some Online Universities that demands certain age and level of education before an application can be successfully processed. There are online courses for high school students, undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates

The Requirements to study online courses in Nigeria

Majority of online study course demands little or no formal requirements to participate. However, you may need:

  • Tablet but Laptop preferably
  • Internet connectivity

Duration of courses you can study online:

There are no specific durations for courses you can study online. Each university has a specifically assigned duration to individual courses. While some courses may take 3 or more hours to complete (synchronous learning), some may take months and years (asynchronous learning)

In synchronous learning, you are not required to be online at the same time with others.
In asynchronous learning, you are required to be online at the same time with others.
Online course examination:

  • Some courses are arranged in modules – At the end of a module, you will answer questions which are usually objective. You must pass to access the next module.
  • Examination questions may also be mailed to you on schedule with a specified submission time.
  • The examination may also take place synchronously online where you’re expected to answer examination questions within an allotted time. JAMB UTME is a good prototype
  • The examination may also come in form of an interview where you’re expected to answer questions orally

Foreign Universities offering online Study Courses:

In developed countries, almost every university give room for online study. Though only a few allow foreign students outside their own country to participate in an online study. This implies that as a student from Nigeria, Ghana, Nairobi, Kenya etc., you can study online with a foreign university right from your bedroom without waiting for a scholarship or exorbitant monetary requirements to travel abroad. Search the internet for this query: foreign universities offering an online course

Universities in Nigeria offering Online Course

Nigeria is still far behind when it comes to online study due to too many glaring factors. One of such is Nigerian students acceptance of online study. Everyone wants to pass through the four walls of a university – the experience.
Approved online courses in Nigeria and the universities offering them are still few but you can check them out.

  • The University of Uyo
  • University of Maiduguri
  • Usman Danfodio University
  • National Open University of Nigeria

How do I get my online course certificate?
Typically, you will print it out or it will be mailed to you after satisfying all requirements.

Are there free online courses
Yes but don’t expect an online degree course for free. Vocational courses are usually free but most times, you may be required to pay a token for the certificate after completion.

Many students are studying online –  if you’re interested, make your move today Apply now…

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