Death is part of life and everyone hate it so also backlogs is part of being a student but nobody wants it. I came across backlogs for the first time when I was gathering information on VISA interview for an international student; One of those things that disqualify a student from getting a VISA. I sought to know more and thus began my research on what backlogs really is and how to avoid it. In Nigeria, backlogs are the same as Carryover course. On my quest for knowledge on how to clear backlogs, I met with Quora and there I understood that backlogs are every student nightmare…

But let the truth be told – backlogs whether, in BTech, BEngineering is not something that was forcefully given – NO. The reason for having backlogs is within every affected student. But am not writing this to lay blame; the deed is done.

I had the thought of writing a comprehensive way out to backlogs but after reading through Quora, I got emotional. I read how those who were affected and how they survived. Their quotes beat me up to seventh heaven. I will end this piece by sharing some of the quotes and I really hope it will encourage you and teach you how to clear your backlogs no matter your degree.


  • Have faith. Identify your strengths and use them. Identify your weaknesses and overcome them. Grab opportunities. A few backlogs mean nothing.


  • The past is where you have learnt the lesson, and the future is where you are going to apply the lesson…


  • What will you gain by feeling low because of bad results Nothing. Life is all about hope and learning from failures.


  • Procrastination – Beat it, outwit it, and develop an obsession or a burning desire in your mind, to be a topper again. Always when you are retreating from studying try to remember, that, again and again, you are doing the same mistake!

Don’t be afraid much, as everyone’s life has a good and bad time. Even some of my friends had backlog subjects they cleared their 3–4 subjects along with semester without fail in one attempt you can also do that. For that, you should do following things

  • Be confident that you will pass the exam.
  • Ask your friends who scored good marks in that subject to teach you.
  • Study hard, make notes
  • Refer previous year question papers.
  • Concentrate much on questions which fetch more marks
  • During exam time, a day before make a short notes on that subject.
  • Don’t panic

To make such a plan successful – you should take steps as follows:-

  1. Attend the current classes properly.
  2. Prepare for the current semester very sincerely and give your best for it.
  3. Take up your previous backlog subject material and prepare notes of it
  4. Ask for help from your friends about things you don’t know.
  5. If some are lab subject backlogs, think about how to get the experiment or programs correct.


  • First of all, be prepared mentally because it is going to be a tough task since u have to look after your current subjects also.
  • Now begin with a schedule, you should be aware of which subjects are tough and which are the ones that need extra attention.
  • Make notes of all subjects and keep them short and meaningful. Refer to these notes to prepare/revise on last days. (I made a mistake of not making notes for all things which appeared I mark sheet so make sure you don’t do it.)


Pay attention.

  • Most importantly, don’t compare yourself with your other classmates. This act of comparing is useless and a waste of time and energy so don’t do it.
  • Keep ur focus right and keep the momentum going.
  • Hit the ground running.

If you want to clear backlogs follow these steps which are generally followed by average students

  • Attend as many lectures as u can.
  • Show up good behaviour in class and make good relation with teachers since he has some internal marks in his hands.
  • Copy whatever the teacher is teaching in class whether you understand or not it doesn’t matter.
  • Then study the topics related to whatever you have noted from class through good books recommended by the teacher.
  • Make notes of whatever you have read.
  • Then search for previous year papers and tick the topics which are frequently asked in your notes which u have taken down.
  • Give more focus on these topics.

This much of disciplinary work is sufficient to come up with good marks best of luck

More quotes

  • Time management is essential my friend, you have to habituate it. Success belongs to relentless learners! Try to learn something new every day!


  • Failing in subjects is not a crime. You just didn’t give your efforts to it. That’s it. It is your attitude that matters. It can take you to great heights.


  • You don’t have to regret backlogs. Just keep learning the subjects irrespective of the result. Find something useful in them. Study because you find something useful in those subjects, not because you’ve to clear exams. I too don’t like some of my subjects, but I try to find something useful in them. And I’m all clear in my 7 semesters so far.


  • Motivate yourself for making a new start, you’ll feel better. I bet you’ll find a better way during the remaining time of your engineering degree and you’ll perform better in remaining exams. And if not, there are many more career opportunities. Choose the one which naturally interests you, which you love. Utilize your experience gained from an engineering degree there. Don’t think that you wasted your time during engineering (if you’re not able to manage it), just say to yourself that engineering taught you some interesting things, and most importantly, it taught you what to do with your life.


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