How to Request For Missing Result, Scripts or A Remark

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I know, I’ve been there!. The frustration, sleepness night and worries without end. I won’t pray that ordeal for my enemy. Going to the departmental board or university online portal to check a semester result but unfortunately, one or two results are missing; for a fact, that may be comforting since there may be hope.

The worst scenario is when you are expecting a good grade in a particular course but you ended up with an F. Very sad, very sad indeed because that’s an automatic carryover.

It doesn’t take a soothsayer to know that most of these incidents are not fated but planned by certain people pursuing a personal vendetta against a student. Although we know that some of this incident may happen by chance or carelessness, yet it is not acceptable.

Popular causes missing result/scripts are

  • Sexual harassment
  • Cultism
  • Not buying handouts/textbooks
  • Class assignments
  • Attendance
  • Dating a lecturer’s girlfriend/boyfriend
  • Handling a large number of student results with limited time
  • Examination misconduct


To write a letter requesting for a missing result/script or remark is a bold step not for the faint-hearted. You may end up with many enemies. If you are so sure that the F is not among your least expected grades and there were no registered examination misconduct from you, then request for your script to be remarked.

You can write to the head of the department to rectify this failed course. It is allowed (Every school has a policy that covers remarking of student script.) Prompt attention is usually given to such complaint from students.

During one of my research concerning this issue at Covenant university, I discovered that all academic grievances and complaints from students such as correction of wrong grades, errors in the computation of student’s CGPAs, omitted grades, missing script etc, are usually documented and handed over to the appropriate committee through either the Head of the Department or the Dean.

You also have the right to petition the school Board or Senate if you’re not satisfied with the decision of the Department Board or School Board. So don’t be afraid. Complaint such as missing result script is a very delicate matter if reported adequately.


How to a letter complaining or requesting for missing script, wrong grade or remark

You: If you feel victimized by a lecturer you may report immediately to the Vice-Chancellor through his head of department and Dean of the faculty for proper investigation.

School: Authentication of victimization by the department and/or faculty special committee through invitation of staff concerned and script.

School: Provisions for remarking (if that is your request) is done by a qualified lecturer within the department or from another university.

School: Concerned staff would be disciplined if found guilty.


Letters 1:  (Sample) how to write application letter request for exam script remark

24, Omono street
Off old Sapele/Agbor road
Abraka, Delta State

The Vice-Chancellor
Delta State University, Abraka
P.M.B 1069
Delta State


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Letters 2: (Sample) how to write an application letter request for a missing result

Using the same format of the address above,

Dear Sir

An application requesting for the release of my missing result

I, Miss Chacha Winter, a 400 level student from the Department of Medicine and Surgery, University of Ibadan has

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Note: Your letter should be typed on an A4 paper with the appropriate hotel address and campus address. You can send the letter through mail service or submit it in person to the office of the VC through the secretary.  A tip given to the secretary will hasten the submission to the VC’s desk.

Advice: Ensure you carry your Course Advisor along when you’re about to write an application request. He/She may have some extra guidance.

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