How to setup a timetable for study

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I know that in addition to your studies, you have a number of other commitments. To avoid becoming overwhelmed, or feeling out of control, it is important to have a structure to manage your responsibilities and keep focused on your studies. Your study plan will also help you to renegotiate your time with yourself and others.

Beside you departmental study programmes, you need to set a personal study programme for yourself for the year and allocate sufficient time to work through your coursework, to study and read the prescribed textbooks or hand-outs, to incorporate additional material if necessary, to do the assignments and to prepare for the examinations


It is important that you think about what you will have to sacrifice (or put on hold) to complete your qualification. For without some sort of sacrifice, there can be no success.


Setting up a timetable is essential to your success as a university or college student. The following activity will help you to get started with creating a study timetable


Step 1: Start by thinking about when you will study. Where will you find time to study Think about all your commitments and think about the time when you are at your best. If you are going to have a full day lecture, for example, would it be better for you to get up earlier in the morning to study or are you able to study late at night


Step 2: Take stock of what you do and where you spend your time. Be completely honest so that you can get a realistic overview of how you are currently spending your time. This will help you create a realistic timetable


Step 3: Take a look at your planning. What do you now realise about your time Will this work for you Do you need to change the time you spend on some activities What do you need to reprioritise and since no one is there to enforce strict adherence to your timetable, you’ve got to discipline yourself.

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