How to attract job interviews with Preferential CV Format

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How to attract job interviews without the required experiences or qualifications using Preferential CV Format

A CV like I had mentioned before on what recruiters look for at first glance, is a prerequisite for an interview and the content thereof usually follow some sort of format. I know you may have guessed what I meant by CV format but for the sake of clarity, CV format is the format by which the contents of a CV is written and arranged.

Time is has changed, everything we know had in some way changed and the format of CV is not left behind. Though there are no known origins of where or how this format began but we have with time saw how little subtraction and addition were made to the format of a CV.

CV format in Nigeria

  • Contact details
  • Summary/Objectives
  • Area of expertise/Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Professional Qualifications (optional)
  • Academic Qualification
  • Additional Sections (Certificates, Awards, Interests)
  • Reference

This is how a typical CV is arranged and maybe the major reasons why your CV does not attract interviews. I’m not faulting or of the opinion that this format is wrong, but to show you another way, a better way to present or advertise yourself through your CV without experience or the required qualifications.

This better way is called the Preferential Format showing your qualities over quantities. Pointing out your best assets first before other information.

Preference CV format means putting details of your best chance to get a job at the top of your CV. That is, identifying the required job qualities that make you the best candidate and ensuring that they are seen before other information.


For example:
Job vacancy requirements include 5 years of working experience and professional qualifications in Accounting and Business Management.

Candidate A has the required 5 years experience but with only a university education.

Candidate B is with little or no experience but has a university education and 5 professional qualifications directly related to the job offer.


Looking at the information above, Candidate A and B have a CV deficiency and the best way to get a hiring manager’s attention is to present their CV using preferential format.

how to attract interviews without experience

How to attract interviews using a preferential format.

  • Candidate A would present details of his experience and achievement at the top of other information the CV would contain in other to get the hiring manager’s attention.
  • Candidate B for the same job would first present his education and professional qualifications at the top of other information the CV would contain in other to get the hiring manager’s attention.

A Preferential CV format does not follow a particular order, it is formatted based on the job seekers job qualities. It is now left for the hiring manager to make a decision on whom to interview. The most important thing to note here is… with Preferential CV format, you get the hiring manager’s attention to the job qualities that put you in an employable position.

With Preferential CV format, you wouldn’t have to worry about not having the required experience, skills or qualifications. The only problem with this preferential format is that you must have at least one convincing job attribute.

No one has a perfect CV but understanding how to use Preferential CV format will put your CV in a position that would attract interviews without the required qualifications.

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