What safety courses are available in Nigerian universities? Well, On this page, I am going to give you all the relevant information and guide on the available safety courses in Nigerian Universities. So If you are one of the students that have taken interest in studying a safety course, then the information on this page will be of greater advantage to you.

I will love to start by explaining to you in detail, what safety courses are all about, what you can do with it, where you can work if you study it, the employment opportunity for safety course graduates, and also, the average salary of any safety personnel employee. The reason I want to start it this way is to help you understand the subject matter much better than as we go further and also to help you make a better determination for your future career.

What are safety courses all about?

Safety courses in Nigerian universities are courses that impact knowledge, educate, and train students on the methods, skills, and techniques that should be put in place in order to stay safe at a given time and in a given situation.

Safety courses are very important requirements for entry-level workers in a given organization because it is required of all employers to train their workers, staff, and board members on safety skills to ensure a safer working environment.

Many organizations in Nigeria have already made health and safety training very compulsory for all their staff or if not all their workers, they employ a professional safety officer with high professional knowledge of workplace safety.

List of Available Safety Courses In Nigeria

  • Health And Safety Education
  • Investigation, reporting, and recording of health and safety incidents
  • Health and safety Foundations.
  • Work equipment hazard and control
  • Risk assessment
  • Health and Safety Policy Set up
  • Principle of health and safety control
  • Review, audit, and Monitoring of health and safety performance
  • Movement of people and vehicles Safety
  • Health and Safety culture Promotion
  • Hazard and control
  • Mechanical and Manual handling of hazard and control.

List of Universities In Nigeria that Offer Safety Courses
Presently, it is only Ignatius Ajuru University of Education (IAUE) that offers Health And Safety Education in Nigeria. Notwithstanding, there are 8 other best Institutions in Nigeria that Offer Safety Courses and they are listed as follows:

SMSTZ another good institution in Nigeria that offers safety courses. This institution has foreign and international recognition in safety training.

Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria (ISPN)
ISPN is one of the best institutions that offer safety courses in Nigeria. ISPN was Founded in 1980.

International Competency Certification Center (ICCE)
ICCE This institution offers safety courses and training on Safety & Environment and Industry Health. ICCE is an approved and certified institution.

SGS Nigeria
SGS is one of the best Saftey training institutes that offers safety courses and training seminars/programs at affordable fees.

Lonadek offers safety courses and training to oil and gas workers and staff members.

OilTrain is the leading oil & gas safety training institute in Nigeria. OilTrain offers safety Courses like NEBOSH, Health, management courses, Safety, and Environment training.

SkillEdge Consulting Limited
SkillEdge is an accredited safety training institute in Nigeria. They train on all aspects of health and safety.

Hybrid Consulting Ltd
Hybrid is an approved and accredited safety training institution by CIEH. They train organizations and companies on how to prevent loss and manage operational hazards.

Disclaimer: The Information provided on this page about those institutions listed above is not enough for your final and conclusive decision. So for that reason and for your best interest, we kindly advise you to make personal research (By trying to reach out to the school) for better clarifications before enrolling.

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