Facebook says the layout is ‘cleaner and more intuitive’ enhancing user experience but I dare say the new Facebook Page experience is extremely confusing and difficult to navigate even for an old Facebook user. I tried to delete a Facebook business page that was created but I couldn’t find an easy way to delete the page. It was easy and still very much easy to delete Facebook pages in a classic layout.

The new Page experience is a way for public figures, businesses, and others who want to build and connect with an audience to manage their professional presence on Facebook.

When you switch to the new Page experience, all Page content, including posts, photos, videos, stories, and groups that your Page is an admin of, will automatically move to your new Page. All of your Page followers will also be transitioned to your new Page. If your Page has a blue verification tick, it will transfer to your new Page.


How to Delete Facebook Page in Meta Business Suite

After much searching and navigating, I was able to find my way to delete the Facebook page. Now follow this guide step by step.

On desktop or mobile:

Step 1: Goto the Facebook page you want to delete. Make sure you’re the admin

Step 2: On the page, copy this: link https://web.facebook.com/settings?tab=your_facebook_information and paste on the same browser page.

Step 3: Locate and on Deactivation and deletion: Temporarily deactivate or permanently delete your Page.

Step 4: Choose the option that best suits your deletion.

Good luck.


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