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List Of Nigeria Law School Campuses and Requirements

There is only one (1) Law school in Nigeria, with 6 campuses across the Nation. Though Law School Lagos Campus is one of the prestigious Law Schools in Nigeria today

68 Examples of Interdisciplinary Studies For Students

Students engaged in interdisciplinary studies work with multiple departments, exposing them to a variety of ways of thinking and building communication skills and new knowledge in different subject areas…

11 Genuine Empowerment Programs in Nigeria

One major benefit of youth empowerment in Nigeria is that it can ensure that the youths in Nigeria are engaged with the necessary skill to sustain a livelihood

List of Free Online Certificate Programs and Benefits

Free online certificate programs are programs designed for students and workers looking for short term training to gained skills and experiences necessary to carry out a particular job function.

100 Cute Exam Success Wishes for Students

We have some exam wishes you can send to them via SMS or WhatsApp. Exam wishes are usually short words expressing happiness, thoughts and prayers to a student.

HND Top Up (Conversion) in Nigeria

If you have your HND, you automatically qualify for HND top-up in Nigeria. Aside from trying to get a much better degree, many students who could not stand out academically…

30 top paying Computer Science Jobs

On this post, I will list out top computer science jobs. We are in a generation where we now mingle with computers as a glass cup mingles with fine wine.

66 List of Approved Vocational Schools in Nigeria

Vocational school training runs three-year modular programmes and qualifications obtainable at the end of the programme is called The National Vocational Certificate

Lagos State University Part Time Studies Courses

LASU Part-time studies can be defined as a non-traditional approach to learning designed for people who can’t commit the time and resources to study full-time at the undergraduate level.

About UNIOSUN Pre-degree and Courses

The main purpose of establishing Uniosun Pre-Degree programme is to prepare students for an undergraduate degree in the affected disciplines.