Certificate programs are non-degree programs that can be taken by undergraduates and graduate students. Non-graduate can also complete a certificate program which are mostly related to trade such as tailoring, welding, TV repairman etc. While undergraduate and graduate certificate programs are professional programs for jobs in a variety of industries. For example ICAN

Free online certificate programs are programs designed for students and workers looking for short term training online to gained skills and experiences necessary to carry out a particular job function. Free online certificate programs involve studying in your own time at a pace that suits your lifestyle.

You may be required to take an exam before a certificate can be issued. Free online certificate programs can be useful for people who are just starting their careers, as well as for people who already have years of experience and want to boost their skills or career change.

Benefits of free online certificate programs

  1. A free online certificate program can enhance your skills in for a better career
  2. Acquiring new and updated industry information or techniques through a free online certificate program gives you the skills and confidence thereby increasing your competencies.
  3. A free online certificate program can demonstrate your commitment to superior professionalism, upholding industry standards, and continued learning
  4. Free online certificate program can give you an added advantage, which is particularly important in today’s competitive market


These are to top free online certificate programs online

Bookkeeping online certificate programs
Take advantage of this free bookkeeping training opportunity and explore the day to day duties of the professional bookkeeper. Learn how to keep track of business accounts, work with balance sheets and identify various important financial statements. Build the skills, knowledge and confidence you’ll need to take that first big step towards becoming a qualified and capable bookkeeper.

Human Resource Management online certificate program
Human Resource Management are the very life-force that drives any business and plays a critical role at the heart of the modern-day business. Whether you are looking to advance your current position or explore a dynamic new career path, the Human Resource Management certificate program will help you reach your full potential.

Customer Service Free Online Certificate Program
The importance of providing world-class customer service with total consistency has never been greater. Discover what it means to deliver truly exceptional customer service and take your career to the next level. With total flexibility and no deadlines to worry about, study in your free time for a recognised Customer Service Qualification, with expert tutor support from day one.

Small Business Administration Free Online Certificate Program
In Small Business Administration free online certificate program, you will learn to manage and lead a project, including controlling costs and engaging stakeholders; learn the skills of a financial manager and how an organization’s structure affects its financial decisions; create a technology strategy for an organization to launch or grow a business, and perform statistical analyses in a business environment.  

Communication and Public Relations Online Certificate Program
In this free online certificate program in Communication, you will learn to: employ strategies for conflict management, apply techniques of critical listening, active listening, and constructive criticism as a listener and a speaker, use audience analysis to improve your public speaking and develop messages using themes and images that connect with multicultural audiences.

You can earn a free certificate of completion for any of these online Communications courses, or use one of them to earn credit in leading college programs.

Free Life Coaching online certificate program
Free online certificate program in life coaching provides an insightful introduction to the services and characteristics of the successful life coach. Learn how to transform your passion for people into a rewarding career for life, with no time restrictions imposed and no deadlines to worry about. Life coaching is a field that opens the door to endless employment opportunities worldwide, including the option of starting your own business from scratch.

Balance Sheet online certificate program
Understanding a balance sheet and its applications could help you take your career a step further, or perhaps manage your own accounts with greater confidence and accuracy. Now available 100% free of charge, this exclusive introductory course is ideal for newcomers and existing accountancy personnel alike.
Balance Sheet free online certificate program will teach you how to prepare a balance sheet from scratch and the art of effectively analysing balance sheets. Course content also covers assets and liabilities, along with essential associated terminology. Study in your own time at a pace that suits your lifestyle, with no deadlines or time restrictions imposed.

Free Digital Marketing online certificate program
If you are considering the future of all contemporary marketing, Oxford Home Study Centre proudly offers this exclusive digital marketing course online free of cost. Whether new to digital marketing or looking to take an existing career to the next level, you’ll find the best online digital marketing courses right there!

Digital marketing free course is accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University. There are 26 modules to explore, all created by Google trainers, packed full of practical exercises and real-world examples to help you turn knowledge into action.

Note: There are over a hundred free online certificate program. These ones I mentioned are just a window into the world of free online certificate programs. For every professional course, there is a free online certificate program. You just need to make extra research to get for you really want.  Check out the websites below… You will see more free certificate courses.

Top websites for free online certificate programs

  • Lynda
  • Shaw Academy
  • CreativeLive
  • Khan Academy
  • edX.org
  • Skillshare
  • Udemy
  • Alison
  • Google Digital Garage
  • Oxford Home Study
  • Openlearning

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