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Most Famous Person in The World (Dead or Alive)

Tupac may be the 86th greatest artist of all time, but he is one of the most famous person in the world and rap music to have ever lived

18 Top Information Security Courses

In this post, I will share with you some top information security courses you can study and make a living out of it. You can even get acquainted with all the courses here…

84 List of Good Debate Topics

Choosing good debate topics for your debate gives room for interesting and meaningful debate presentation. Whether you are participating in high school class discussion or a school club dialogue,

22 Nigerian Law School Notable Alumni

Nigerian Law School alumni are individuals who had become part of the general definition of the university through their outstanding performances and achievements in their respective fields

Masters Degree in Economics in Nigeria

Masters Degree in Economics in Nigeria explore, train and develop highly competent and versatile economists through the inculcation of relevant academic and professional knowledge

List of Fashion Design Courses in Nigeria

Fashion design is gaining ground in Nigeria, Africa and the World at large. Celebrities are flaunting different designer clothes and they want more of it

Top 12 Distance Learning Universities in Nigeria

Distance learning in Nigeria universities gives you the opportunities to learn in your own space; makes learning easy because you can repeat lessons you don’t understand

382 List of Ethnic Groups in Nigeria

First let’s consider the most popular of these Ethnic groups in Nigeria which are the Hausa-Fulani, Igbo, Yoruba and Ijaw; and from these ethnic groups in Nigeria…

MBA at Lagos Business School and Courses Offered

MBA at Lagos Business School offers you the opportunity to gain managerial skills and competencies required to jump-start your career or start a business in an emerging economy

Top List of Educational Foundations in Nigeria

They are one of the few Educational Foundations in Nigeria focused on bridging the gap between private and public education so that through corporate volunteerism