This page contains 9 foreign language careers in high demand. In a world of diverse people, cultures, races, and traditions, one major importance to keeping it a global village is language and communication. For an individual or a country to keep its individual relevance, they need to be able to share information and communicate with themselves irrespective of the language barriers. The need for maintaining relationships among states led to the study of Foreign languages.

According to Wikipedia, a Foreign language is a language that is not an official language of, not typically spoken in, a given country, and that native speakers from the country must usually acquire through conscious learning – be this through language lessons at school, self-teaching, or attendance of language courses.

In other words, foreign languages are not one’s native language nor are they used for communication amongst people of his native community but are acquired through the deliberate effort put into learning these languages.

In the world today, there are over 7100 languages, with every one of them contributing its quota to making the world a beautiful and diverse place. However, some of these languages are more studied than others and some of these languages are;

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • French

These languages are studied because of their economical power, political background, classical artistic heritage, and for tourism purposes.

Foreign Language is studied mainly to communicate but it goes further than that. It teaches an individual to appreciate another concept of humanity. Indulgence in a different culture of man opens the human mind to the unique ways the universe can be perceived and not a mirrored sight of what one has always known. Some of the reasons why foreign languages are studied include and are not limited to;

  • Reduced Prejudice:
    Studying a foreign language helps to create more positive attitudes and less prejudice toward different people, cultures, and traditions. It opens the mind to appreciate the diverse ways life is in the world.


  • Teaches History:
    Studying a foreign language offers an idea of the past both linguistically, and culturally; as one would not only learn the language but have background knowledge of what the culture of such language is. It also helps to teach and sustain the history of the language.


  • Improves Communication Skills:
    Learning a foreign language will help to improve one’s communication skills as they are able to analyze their first language, comparing and pinpointing the differences and similarities in both languages. It will also make it easier for one to express their thoughts, ideas, creative imaginations, and feelings as they have a broader way to go about it. It also enhances the listening skill of an individual.


  • Improves Analytical Skills: 
    Learning a new language boosts brain power and teaches it to cope with complexities. According to a study from the Spain’s University of Pompeu, it was revealed that multilingual people are better at observing their surroundings. It sharpens skills like problem-solving and helps to deal with abstract concepts. It also sharpens one’s memory.


  • Global Relevance In Finance:
    Studying a foreign language improves one’s chances of getting a job. The marketable skills in the global economy will improve as multilingual individuals are sought after to help ease trade between international enterprises.


  • Boosts Career Confidence:
    Learning a foreign language boosts one’s confidence and provides a competitive edge in career choices. It broadens the choices of career opportunities as people can fit in different geographical locations of the learned language.


After knowing and understanding the importance of studying foreign languages, it will be worth noting that there are careers in this discipline that are constantly in demand anywhere in the world.


Foreign Language Careers in High Demand:

    One of the most popular foreign language careers in high demand is Translation. Sometimes, one doesn’t need to work in an office space to carry out their duty as it basically involves converting written text into spoken language.


    An interpreter helps different individuals speaking different languages to be understood. It helps two different cultural heritage to converse, and achieve the purpose of their conversation. These people work in international events like International conferences, sports arenas, Media houses, etc. Thus, this foreign language career is in high demand


    Companies seek multilingual job seekers who can help to promote their goods and services across countries. They are well paid and are often needed to be persuasive, to help conclude negotiating deals across borders.


    Individuals who are learned foreign languages can teach such languages in schools, colleges, and universities.


    Field Researcher is among the top foreign language careers in high demand. As a field researcher, one will be required to travel, seek information, and take surveys. Foreign language scholars are needed to help ease communication with natives of the community and help to decipher collected information.


    This foreign language career is in high demand, especially in embassies. They help their country; by seeking ways to foster economic growth, and political growth, amongst themselves while also helping to promote peace.


    Journalism industries employ people with multilingual skills to help cover stories and news from different countries in the world. In often cases, they are employed on contracts and are in high demand.


    Multilingual people are required to be hotel managers and tour guides as it helps to improve the tourism and hospitality industry. Tourists will feel more comfortable and at ease with people who understand their language and cultural background.


    This foreign language career is in high demand. Multilingual people are now mostly employed to be flight attendants to ease communication among customers and to improve hospitality.


These careers are very crucial and important to individuals and the global economy at large. It helps to keep the function of human activities and to maintain the steady flow of income. They are acceptable on a global scale and will always remain relevant as long as man exists.

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