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Personally, I dislike the phrase *work experience*. Of course, I know you have got some experience but I would love to see something different. You know, a unique headline, like let’s say you’re applying for a Banking job, I’d like to see for example -Banking Experience- in lieu of Work Experience.

At first glance, I would grasp that I’m dealing with a fellow who has experience in finance, unlike work experience where I would have to read through the content to ascertain who am dealing with. I think CV should be a compulsory course in every university/college department.

In a CV, there is a portion or section… call it what you like – where you must give adequate details of your work history or work experience though I dislike the use of both phrases because it is too static. I know you’re familiar with Work Experience but I would love to enlighten you more and believe me…. you will be happy after reading through…

  • What’s work experience
  • Why is work experience necessary on a CV
  • Can fresh university/college apply for a job without work experience
  • How to get work experience without a job

You see those lists, I will discuss each to your benefit but make sure you thank me later and share if you are nice… lol

So… What is Work Experience on CV
Work Experience Section on a CV tells a recruiter more about you in relation to the job position you’re applying for. It is the accent of any CV. As a recruiter, I want to know from your CV if you’re familiar with the job position or a complete novice before I request a meeting with you. Since the purpose of a CV is to sell out yourself in written form to a recruiter, you ought to sell out yourself in a way that fits into what the recruiter want.

This will lead me to why Work Experience is necessary in a CV. So you think… I really hope you’re not thinking that way anyway – I mean thinking that as a fresh graduate there is no need for Work Experience since you just came out fresh from college or university. Well listen and listen good – you need Work Experience to convince a recruiter that you can work – you have real practical knowledge of the advertised job position.

Where else can you get Skills without working hmm How else can you convince a recruiter that you’re the best candidate for the job No no no don’t go there… Don’t bother thinking of your Qualifications because it can be bought but you cannot buy experience.

Qualifications in a CV is a mere formality, what the recruiter really want is your knowledge about the job needs, what you can offer. I can have a B.sc First Class in Computer Engineering but I may not know how to install a Windows Operating system (OS).

Can fresh university/college apply for a job without work experience or What if I have work experience but not relevant to the job vacancy Yes, you can apply without work Experience experience if it is an Entry Level job position or Graduate Trainee Program but I tell you this… Work Experience will be an added advantage that may single you out for good. And if your Work Experience is not relevant to the job vacancy that seems kinda odd but there is no harm in trying. Sometimes unrelated work experience gives you a sense of responsibility.

How can I get Work Experience without a job?
Yes, definitely you can get Work Experience without having a formal pay job. Most often graduate has these thoughts that until they work for some company they cannot get quality experience but you see, that’s a fallacy from Jupiter. The enemies of your destiny want you to stay at home jobless… You can get Good Work Experience for your CV through the following;

Volunteer work is undertaken for a variety of reasons. Some students and graduates want to make a positive contribution to society, while others want to gain the skills needed to pursue certain careers and bolster their CVs. Volunteering your skills helps you develop new skills and experiences. For a fact, volunteering will introduce you to new professional paths, learn more about a particular role or sector, workplace, office culture, or cause

An internship is a period of work experience, offered by an organisation, usually lasting for a fixed, limited period of time. They are typically undertaken by students and graduates looking to gain relevant skills and experience in a particular field. With an Internship, you gain sustainable knowledge.

That is, your academic studies can be enriched by the new perspectives, experience and commercial awareness that you gain while you are working in an industrial environment. That aside, it will also give you the opportunity for you to develop key employability skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, communication and time management that graduate recruiters look for.

Forget your Degree Certificate; if you want work experience that would enhance your CV without a formal pay job, go low and become an apprentice. This is good especially in the field of Engineering or any work that involves the use of hand skills and mental knowledge. Apprenticeship connects you to people you could ask for help/advice, show evidence of your motivation for that kind of work and Illuminate how things work in that sector.

University sport
Sport at university can provide more than just regular exercise and a break from academic work. It can help nurture key skills that employers look for, especially for those involved in executive teams or sports committees. One good thing about sport is it helps you develop endurance, self-sacrifice and adaptability with an existing workforce
Student Government/Student Council
Getting actively involved in a student society provides useful experience to develop a range of valuable employability skills: the management of people, funds and equipment demanded of Society officers can provide real learning opportunities. Experience from student government shows employers your leadership skills and public relation.

Before I close up this epistles please for your own sake remember my first paragraph for good. One of the simple technics of getting past a recruiter at first glance on a resume is to use a unique headline. Don’t follow the crowd it may lead to abysmal. Instead of Work Experience, use something related…

For Example, A Customer Care job position should have -Customer Care Experience-. This alone can invoke attention more than the usual Work Experience. I enjoin you to seek expert and get a professional touch on your CV.

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