If you’re pondering whether to include Personal Data on a Resume or not, I will advise you to include it. If you’re of the opinion that Personal Data in a Resume is no longer valid, I hope this post will change your orientation. Sometimes I wonder where these source of confusion came from and someone on Reddit once told me that Career Objective is no longer valid.
True Story:
I once submitted my Resume to a company through a family friend – who later called back after some days asking me why my Personal Data was missing on my Resume. ‘The company said you’re hiding some information about yourself’ that was his remark when he called. I had no second chance to add that information.

Forget your qualifications. If personal data is missing in your Resume, you don’t have an identity. Your personal data should contain the following:

  • Name: This is very important. You wouldn’t want to be identified as unknown. Your surname comes first, followed by two other names. The maximum number of names you can have on your Resume is three. No nickname, alias or title. It must correspond with the name on the document(s) you might be asked to provide.


  • Contact Number: You must provide a reachable mobile number, and I will advise you to provide a maximum of two numbers with a different network. If you have more, keep it to yourself.


  • Resident Address: This is also very important as it gives recruiters the knowledge of your present location. Some organisations with branches scattered all over may be kind enough to make an arrangement for your interview in the nearest possible location.


  • Email Address: Most organisations make contact through email and SMS. I will encourage you to open an email account if you don’t have one. It is very easy to set up. Be careful with hilarious and unprofessional email. hot2mingle@gmail.com,   rotomilstafine@yahoo.com.

Finally but optional, let them know your age (some recruiters are very specific with age), Marital status (Married or Single) and your Nationality (matters a lot especially with foreign jobs). With this little information, you will have an identity over those job seekers who did not provide their Personal Data
Resume personal data Sample
Fatherprada Prada
Linkedin, Github
6B Waterspring International
Akure, Nigeria
…. and I wish you well

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