Free Money Giveaway in Nigeria

Last updated on May 31, 2021 by The Counselor

Is giving away free money real?

Can someone give me money for free…? During my research on student information gap, I realized that there are many students, graduate and non-graduates looking for free money give away and that caught my attention. Free money give away app, website, platform, group, company, millionaires giving away free money etc… These are the things many people are searching for.

After much thought, I decided to write something about free money give away mindset that a lot of people have. In this life, there is no such thing as free money give away without a condition attached to it. No apps can give you free money without bombarding you with Ads.

Anyone that promised to give you money must want something from you in return. Not even a millionaires can give away free money. While some of the things they want might be clearly stated in their terms and condition, others are very hideous. No individuals or organization will wake one day and decide to give you free money. They must have done the necessary cost and profit calculation.

The closest thing to free money give away in Nigeria is Scholarships and Foundations. Scholarships don’t come cheap. You will have to prove that you are worthy of the given scholarship. While some will give you a scholarship in cash without considering what you do with the money, most scholarship offers have strict rules on how the money should be spent. You can always check Fatherprada’s Newshub for daily free scholarship updates.

And for foundations, they give money for a charitable cause such as global poverty, limiting the risk of climate change, improving education for students, improving reproductive health, hunger alleviation and child survival etc.

So instead of waiting for free money give away, why don’t you join an online money-making platform or start your own business with little capital. There are so many websites where you can read news and get paid but most of this website foldup with time without referrals.

You can also get free money by inviting people to visit Fatherprada’s Newshub and get the latest updates on news headlines. Please note, Fatherprada’s Newshub will only give you free money after you may have become a member. The membership fee is N3000. You start getting free N2000 for every person who you invite with your link and becomes a member

In summary, No such thing as free money without you doing somethings that proves you are worthy to get that free money.

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