You see, no higher institution is set up to become a tourist attraction. An institution built to educate; morally and intellectually. There are over 400 institutions in Nigeria, and every year, you and thousands of other students sit for an examination to gain entrance into these institutions and of truth, everyone will not get admission. And no one wants to be part of everyone.

One major problem I observed is your inability to explore available knowledge or search out if there is none. I am going to be very blunt with this post. and I meant no offence. To gain admission into Nigeria higher institution, you must have completed an O level or A level examination with a required subject combination of the chosen course of study. O level literally means an Ordinary level result

  • WAEC:
  • NECO:
  • GCE

O level results are the common type of certificate used to gain admission into 100 level of any Nigeria Universities. These certificates do not expire and you can use the combination of O level result to seek admission. A level means an Advance level result

  • IJMB
  • Cambridge A Level

With the A-level result, you can gain admission into 200 levels of any Nigeria Universities that accept such results. Aside from this, 90% of your mates and this may include you, do not know what Special Consideration or Waivers are all about.

You through scout JAMB Brochure for a course to study without proper guidance. Special Consideration simply means admission requirements that may differ from the general requirement or from other universities.

That is, a university may accept a pass in the English Language in lieu of credit with or without conditions. Some universities may specify the type of grade needed on a particular secondary school subject before you can be admitted to study a course.

Quickly before I bore you with stories, there is 6 easy way to gain admission easily into any Nigeria University. I will make a run list and briefly talk about them.

  • NOUN
  • IJMB
  • Cambridge A Level

How to easily gain admission with JAMB UTME

JAMB UTME is the easiest examination you can ever write and pass. However, JAMB questions are not based on theory but on objectives and are repetitive. If you have all JAMB UTME past questions of the required subject combination and study smart, you will pass JAMB UTME easily.

I’m not saying this for saying sake, I know for a fact that some of you waste time to go for JAMB lesson – but I know the distraction it can bring. You should get JAMB past questions and study if you really want to pass.
JAMB UTME do not set questions outside their question database bank. They either repeat questions or rephrase questions. The only time you would see a new set of questions is when a new topic has been added to the secondary school subject.

To gain admission with JAMB UTME, you must meet or score above the University of your choice cut off the mark. This should be the least of your problem. The real problem is Post UTME and strict departmental and faculty screening.

There is politics in the Nigeria University admission screening process. VC list, Dean of Faculty list, HOD list…… Do you know what this means It means these people have candidates who must gain admission? Don’t aim for the cutoff mark in Post UTME, you should aim for the mark above the fold and also, make sure you know about the specific admission requirement for the course you have chosen…

How to easily gain admission through Pre-degree

Another easy way to gain admission into Nigerian universities is through Predegree which is similar to Bridging Course. Some universities call it a pre-degree programme, while some call it foundation or remedial studies. The programme gives students the right academic orientation. I got admission into Delsu through Predegree. Universities admit more students through Predegree than JAMB UTME. In my days, if you apply for Pre-degree, you don’t need JAMB.

But now, before admitting you into 100level you must write JAMB. It is a 6 – 9 month programme where you will be lectured on the course you choose to study as though you were a full student. To pass the Predegree exam easily, get all Pre-degree past questions of your course and study smart.

Pre-degree exam is very easy because they will only set examination questions from what you’ve been taught. Some Universities give Pre-degree students an area of concentration. Considering the time, accommodation and cost of living during Predegree, Universities are more considerate when giving admission to Pedites (Pre-degree students) than JAMBites.

How to gain admission through OND.

I can’t go for OND, I will rather wait for JAMB. Is that your thought? Do you know small-scale industries employ more of OND and HND than You can get admission into a University just by procuring an OND form.
Some Universities offer OND programmes though it is a major in Polytechnics. You can switch over to 200 level after completing your ND programme or continue with the HND programme.

Gain Admission through National Open University (NOUN)

Another easy way to get a higher education is through NOUN. This University is gaining ground like wide fire and more courses are being approved for study. Waiting for JAMB UTME is a choice in this present generation.
Although more suitable for those working, still anyone can apply. In NOUN, you’re not tied to the attendance register.

You only need to make yourself available during the examination and other compulsory activities. A staff of Fatherprada who studied at NOUN is writing his final year project at the time of publishing this post. Read more about NOUN Admission Requirements here

How to gain admission with IJBM

Do you know IJBM is older than JAMB? That is, IJBM existed long before JAMB UTME idea was conceived. Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB) Programme is regulated by ABU, Zaria with different study centres nationwide.

IJMB is certified by NUC as an A’ level programme that qualifies students into 200 levels in a university upon successful completion of the programme. Unlike Pre-degree that takes place within a university, IJBM has study centres scattered all over Nigeria, albeit, their major centre is located in Ilorin.

IJBM is a 9 – 12-month programme. IJBM requirement is simply your O level result and you can also use awaiting the result. After a successful IJBM programme, you can present your IJBM certificate to gain admission into 200 level in a university where the IJBM certificate is recognised and accepted.

Note: IJBM certificate is accepted for selected courses. Make sure you verify courses before going to for IJBM programme.

How to gain admission with JUBEG

The full meaning of JUPEB is Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board. JUPEB, unlike IJBM, is regulated by the University Of Lagos (UNILAG). It is a ten-month programme starting from September to June (nationwide exams occur in June).

A successful student will use the result to gain admission into 200 level of any university that accepts JUPEB. One good thing about JUPEB result is that it never expires. Once gotten, forever gotten. JUPEB requirement is simply your O level result or waiting. JUPEB study centres are scattered everywhere in Nigeria. Registration for IJBM start in April and run till August.

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