Inside a Typical NCCF Family House

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This is the other piece of NCCF; The first one dealt with the History of NCCF – Every Jesus Corpers should know that by now.

NCCF is a domain of Corpers and sometimes none Corpers who may seek accommodation for a short period of time. In every house, there is always a structure and formal or informal rules which govern the activities of individuals within the house and NCCF is no different.


There two types of Executive in NCCF Family House and I think you should know them.

  1. State Executive
  2. House Executive.
  • The NCCF State Executive oversees the affairs of NCCF Zones and Subzones within the state.
  • House Executives oversee the affair of the State House.
    Note: A Zone and Subzone have executives but they report directly to State Executives…

In a typical State House, you will have the following executive with their alias… We don’t call these people by their real names. For a fact. you may not know their real name if you don’t ask.

  • Papa – State President
  • Uncle – State Secretary
  • Auntie – Assistant Secretary.
    This three are almost invisible, as they are rarely seen especially if you live in a State House. They are Barons of the house.
  • Mama – Sister’s coordinator
    She is in charge of feeding the belly of Jesus Corpers. Once she goes on strike, the house is in trouble.

  • CBN – State Treasurer
  • Fino – State Financial Secretary
    In charge of money…..


  • Rugged Man – Rural Rugged Secretary
  • Prayo – Pray Secretary
  • Rabbi – Bible Study Secretary
    This three are the pillars of the house in terms of growing spiritually


  • DD – Drama Director
  • MD – Chief Music Director
  • TOS – Transport and Organisation Secretary
  • Plublo – Publicity Secretary.
    This three make things happen with activities…


Here go the House officials

  • Father – State brothers coordinator (My position)
  • A Father – Assistant brothers coordinator
  • A Mama – Assistant Sister’ s coordinator
  • Chiefo – Chief Usher
  • A Tos – Assistant Transport and Organisation committee
  • CMD – Chief Medical Director
  • AMD – Assistant Music Director
  • Afayo Pape – Technical and Sound Director


An Executive becomes a G after handling over to a successor



  • Gfather
  • Guncle
  • Gmama etc…


A G, though stripped of all authorities, has more honor than a current serving executive…


Unofficial Title
These are the informal title given to a person by the house. When someone is known for a particular thing over time, he will be given a name.


  • ‘KP’ Kitchen Papae’ – Title is meant for a guy who works in the kitchen often without been called to do so
  • Back Brainage Pape – Always washing the back drainage during house chores on Saturdays
  • AFB – A Father Brother – This title is meant for a funny brother in the house.
  • CSO – Chief security officer
  • Elders – Group of friends who speak often in proverbs and settles dispute amidst Corpers.
    There are more but can’t recall them…and only one person can bare this title at a time.


Unofficial executives don’t hand over. Once they leave, the house will select a suitable person with the same charisma to carry on the legacy.


Places within a typical NCCF Family House

  • Mini mart – buying junks and toiletry
  • Intensive care unit – where the sick are attended too
  • Hall – For worship
  • Publicity unit – Books, CD for sales
  • Kitchen – The most important place in the house…
  • Office of the Secretary.
  • Relaxation room – Probably the living room where you can watch Christian stuff on Gotv or DSTV depending on what the house provides.


You will meet a lot of Corpers with different characters, but ultimately the house is a place to be else, NYSC will never be complete.


Staying in NCCF is free… You can stay as long as you want. The first month is considered a visit – with free food and medical care. But the subsequent month, you will contribute to the feeding of the house but basic medical care remains free. There is a stipulated amount of money to pay every month for feeding and may vary depending on the Statehouse. In NCCF Ondo State house Akure Alagbaka, Jesus Corpers pays N4000 back then from 2013 to 2014.


NCCF house rules,

  1. One of which a lady cannot go into a male’s room vice visa.
  2. If you are single when you enter the house, you remain single until you leave.
  3. You cannot date fellow Jesus Corpers in the same house.
  4. You cannot play an ungodly song on the premises.
  5. Females can only put on NYSC trousers, anything aside that is not allowed.
  6. Males cannot wear shots outside their room
  7. Any ungodly thing is called VIRUS.
    Many more rules…


You will join one of these different groups

  1. Drama group
  2. Publicity group
  3. Bible study group
  4. Prayer group
  5. Technical group
  6. etc

If you’re wise, you will save allowee which may become beneficial after 9 months.

NCCF will never die………. hallelujah
Rural rugged will end……… hallelujah


NCCF Family song lyrics-

I love this family of God

So closely knitted into one

They have taken me into their arms

and am so glad to be a part of this great family.

Hand in hands together will stand

I need you to build this family,

I need you to always pray for me

Higher and Higher we will go

Stronger and Stronger we would be

Brighter and brighter we would shine

Don’t you know you mean so much

Papa, you mean so much to me

Mama, you mean so much to me

Uncle, you mean so much to me…

Father, you mean so much to me…

[Any Corpers name] you mean so much to me…

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