Congratulation… The aim of this post is to guide you on things to know before resuming NYSC orientation camp and how to survive NYSC Orientation Camp and beyond. After reading this post, I am certain you will not go to NYSC Orientation Camp as a novice. Once again, Congratulation White fowl.

The things to take to NYSC CAMP are listed below.

  1. Mosquito net
  2. Bed Sheet
  3. Pillow and Pillowcase
  4. Plates, Cutlery, Drinking Cup and Water bottle
  5. Bucket
  6. Toilet Articles (You can get a toilet kit for easy mobility)
  7. Torch Light
  8. Padlock
  9. Extra pair of White Shoe and White Socks
  10. Take 2 to 3 Sunday outfit. Wears aside NYSC uniform is strictly prohibited
  11. Waist Pouch
  12. Analgesic

You can get all these things in Mami Market (A buy and sell arena within the campground) so don’t burden yourself with too much preparation. 

Immediately after inspection at the entrance gate, some group of corpers (NCCF crew) will welcome you. (you will see a tag around their neck). Let them have your luggage and follow them. Your luggage will be kept safe at their territory inside the camp until you secure a bunk.

Whether you’re a Muslim, Christian or Herbalist, they don’t care. NCCF (Nigeria Christian Corpe Fellowship) is body officially recognised by Nigeria Government and are present in every Orientation Camp in Nigeria. Ask them questions, on what to do after your luggage is secured and they will gladly assist you all the way.

You can secure a bunk after or before registration. You have to observe the happenings around the Camp. Bunk space may be unlimited, but the location is key. Make sure you secure a bunk in a very good and well-ventilated place.  If your bunk is close to the kitchen, that’s a good thing.

The following documents are needed in NYSC Orientation Camp for a successful registration

  1. Original Statement of Result (Make Photocopies)
  2. Institution identity card (Final year id card)
  3. Eight recent passport photographs
  4. Photocopies of your call up letter

If you’re a Medical Doctor, Pharmacist or Optometrist, you are expected to bring along the original Certificate with the Nigerian Medical Council, Pharmacist Board, Optometrist Registration Council and evidence of completion of houseman-ship or internship.

You will be paid three times in NYSC camp. When I cannot tell; but definitely, before you leave the Camp. (Don’t rush, because everyone will get paid)

  1. Transport Allowance
  2. Local transport Allowance
  3. Monthly Allowance


How to change Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) in NYSC Camp

The following categories of Corpers have automatic access to a change Orientation Camp.

  1. Married Women
  2. Pregnant Women
  3. Those who are sick (with doctor’s report)

You can change your NYSC Place of Primary Assignment after receiving your deployment letter by visiting the location and asking whosoever is in charge to reject you. (you must have a good reason). Some of them will not accept your rejection if they are in need corpers. Some may reject you outrightly without asking. If you’re going to request for rejection, it is advisable to have a school or organisation that is ready to accept you.

Were gainfully employed before call-up letter You can skip NYSC Camp by requesting an NYSC exemption letter (you won’t go camping or participate in NYSC). If you so wish to serve, you can tell the management (where you currently work) to send a letter of notice, requesting your service as a corp member.

Things you cannot escape in NYSC Orientation Camp

  1. Early morning drilling
  2. Sitting and standing under the hot sun
  3. Endurance trek
  4. Platoon activities
  5. Campfire night
  6. Join a group
  7. Bathroom rush hours
  8. Lack of sleep
  9. Bugle at 4:00 am
  10. You will be called White fowl in Camp by Soldier.


Compulsory things you must do in camp:

  1. Never leave your bunk without your waist pouch
  2. Always padlock your luggage
  3. Be friendly with the corp member sharing bunk with you.
  4. Eat as much as you can (for strength)
  5. Listen to OBS (Orientation camp broadcasting service)


Things you must not do in camp:

  1. Date a fellow corp member
  2. Ignore platoon call
  3. Ignore bugle call
  4. Leave camp without permission
  5. Fight with Corp member
  6. Stealing

Things you will spend money on;

  1. Charging of gadgets
  2. Getting hot water
  3. Washing of cloths
  4. Good food
  5. Photography
  6. Snacks


Unfortunate things that may happen to you NYSC Orientation Camp:

  1. Bath outside
  2. Sleep outside (The fate of those who came late to NYSC Orientation Camp)
  3. Punished by a Camp soldier
  4. Diarrhoea
  5. Constipation
  6. Lack of sleep

If you want to enjoy NYSC Camp, Bring a lot of money.

Please note:

  • Aside NYSC khaki and white top and short, you will only be allowed to put on normal clothes on Sundays still 4:00 pm
  • If your NYSC Orientation Camp allows children, then be wary of them. Some are born thieves.
  • Make friends

At the last day, NCCF will provide free bus to various NCCF Family House within the state. Once you’re inside NCCF Family House, you will be taken care of like a newborn and from there you will be directed on what to do and how and how to locate your PPA (Place of Primary Assignment) and CDS

Check out How to write NYSC Monthly Allowance Clearance Letter
….enjoy your Camping White fowl…

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