Is NECO Harder Than WAEC [wpdts-year]?

I’m very much aware that many students especially those who are in SSS3 and SSS2 are currently seeking to know if NECO is harder than WAEC? or Is WAEC better than NECO? Some are even asking: Should I write WAEC or NECO?
Well, I hope to answer this question quickly and precise.

Should I write WAEC or NECO?

While WAEC may be compulsory, NECO is strictly a choice. Notwithstanding, if you have the fund to register for NECO, please go ahead. The benefit of writing both WAEC and NECO is that you stand a better chance of passing all required subjects without the need to resit the following year if peradventure you failed a core subject. This means, if there was a subject you did not write well in WAEC, you can make up for it in NECO.

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Is WAEC better than NECO?

No… None is far more superior than the other. Anywhere your O level result is required, you can present your WAEC or NECO result.

NECO is harder than WAEC?

The first thing you should know is that no NECO or WAEC exam is simple if you don’t prepare adequately. Secondly, the two examination bodies do not use the same examination syllabus. Now, is NECO harder than WAEC? The answer is No. In fact, NECO is much easier for students to pass because of their earlier experience with WAEC.

According to Oludotun Sotunde, Head Quality Assurance Secondary at Chrisland Schools Limited, many students pass NECO better than they pass WAEC because they tend to work harder to make sure they make up for whatever shortfalls they might have noticed during their WAEC SSCE examination. Moreover, the quality of examiners and the nature of question papers could even affect the end results.

A comparative overview of the candidates’ performance in both examinations as seen in this report would reveal some emerging patterns. In 2010 the pass rate was 23.36 percent for the WAEC and 2 percent for the NECO. In 2011, it was 30.9 percent for WAEC and 11.3 percent for the NECO; in 2012 it was 38.81 percent and 69.63 percent respectively. In 2013 it was 64.26 percent for the WAEC and 52 percent for NECO.

Also in 2014 had it was 31.28 percent for the WAEC and 68.5 per cent for NECO, while in 2015, the pass rate was 59.61 percent for WAEC and 52.29 percent for NECO and finally in 2016, the WAEC had 53 percent pass rate and the NECO 80.16 per cent.

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