What is the meaning of post UTME, Is post UTME exam compulsory? When did post UTME start? Will universities write post UTME this year? These are students’ frequently asked questions. While many see post UTME as the nemesis of many admission seeking students, others have described it as the panacea to the admission of incompetent candidates.

Prior to the introduction of the then Post-UMTE by Nigerian universities, JAMB was solely and constitutionally given the responsibility of conducting examination and admitting students into Nigerian educational institutions, among other functions as it was established by law in 1978, amended in 1989 and 1993 respectively.

However, in 2004, according to Isaac (2010) in Ikoghode (2015, p.102) there was an outcry in most Nigerian tertiary educational institutions over the abysmal performance of students presented solely by JAMB for admission; complaints by institutions that most of the students recommended by JAMB were not university materials and that many of them cannot even write their names when tested in year one; that impersonation had crept into the then JAMB UTME. As such, the universities clamoured for supplementary examinations for the students before admission.

The Federal Government in 2005, during the administration of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, introduced the policy of post-UTME screening by universities, which made it compulsory for tertiary institutions to test candidates after JAMB results before offering admission.


Meaning of post UTME

Post UTME simply means after UTME. It is an exam that comes after JAMB UTME. It is an internal examination that was made compulsory for tertiary institutions to test candidates after JAMB results before offering admission.

Is Post UTME Exam Compulsory?

Post UTME was compulsory when it was first implemented. However, in 2016, FG scraps Post UTME. It is no longer a mandatory exam but optional. This means universities can choose to conduct a post UTME exam or post UTME screening. If you would like to know universities does not offer POST UTME, see this article


Can I write post UTME in two schools?

Yes, you can. If you pass the JAMB cutoff mark for your first and second choice higher institutions, there is nothing stopping you from writing post UTME in both higher institutions. However, the only problem you may likely face is the post UTME schedule. If both higher institutions set their post UTME test on the same date, you may have to forfeit one of the schools.

Is post UTME difficult?

Post UTME is not difficult if you are well prepared. Questions will always be repeated. You can pass post UTME successfully if you can get hold of past questions. They are sold in bookshops within school environs. post UTME test is also time-constrained. You have limited time to answers 50-100 questions and no calculator is allowed.


What is the total score for post UTME?

In some universities, students could score 200 above in their post UTME while in other universities, they may score 100 below. This means the overall mark for these universities differs and there is no general formula. Most higher Institutions adopt a formula that best suits their purpose for the screening exercise.

How many questions are set in post UTME?

There is no specific number of questions. post UTME questions may range from 50 to 100 exam questions depending on the higher institution. For example, the University of Ibadan post UTME has 100 questions.

How Many Subjects Are Written In Post UTME?

Four (4) subjects. You will write the same subjects combination in your JAMB UTME. In addition to this, most schools include current affairs, qualitative and quantitative reasoning.


Will Universities write post UTME this year?

Post UTME is no longer a mandatory exam but optional. This means universities can choose to conduct a post UTME exam or post UTME screening. Whether they write or not, this depends on the university. We however know that there are universities that do not write the post UTME test. Instead, they screen students based on O’ level grades and JAMB cutoff marks,

Is post UTME the same as screening?

There 3 types of screening in Nigerian universities. We have post UTME screening, departmental screening and faculty screening. However, post UTME screening is not universal. Any school that does post UTME screening, do not write post UTME exam/test. See universities that do not offer post UTME to learn the difference between post UTME screening and post UTME test

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