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The internet is becoming unsafe on daily basis due to brute force attacks and fraudulent activities by hackers and as a result, people who run online businesses are in high demand of top Online security personnel who can help them keep their online business safe from online attackers.

For this reason, people who build a career in online security are highly demanded and this demand will keep on rising at a higher volume as days comes by. There are many online security courses in Nigeria which anyone who has an interest can pick up and build his or her career for a better future.

What is online security all about?

Online security which is also known as Internet security is a branch of computer security that is solely applicable to internet browsing security, world wide web security, and network security. Online security is aimed at protecting applications, software and operating systems from cyber-attacks by establishing measures and rules to be used against cyber attackers on the Internet.

The work of a professional in online security is to lay down a secure path flow of information from one internet source to another without being infringed by an attacker.

Like I said before, the internet is becoming more unsecured day by day because of the high rate of online information exchange which has, therefore, leads to a higher level of risk of fraud and intrusion. Professionals in this field, work tirelessly to provide internet shields to online attacks like worms, online viruses, phishing, trojans, hacking, and so on.

Where can an online Security Graduate work?

There are high job opportunities and employment availability for graduates in this field. But the truth is, you must be very good at Online Security before you can be considered for employment. In general, most of the companies that do demand Online security personnel are usually multinational, big, and Wealthy companies who are always ready to pay very high.

In fact, all companies, industries, and organizations that use internet platforms for information circulation, file transfers, online transactions, online registrations, internet file storage, etc do employ online security personnel to protect them from online thefts and attacks which may result in loss of files, leak of information, redirection of transactions, information and data theft and so on.

How Profitable is an Online Security Course in Nigeria?

Have ever thought of taking up an online security course but changed your mind because of fear of lack of employment when you graduate? Well, you may not hear much or see many advertisements looking for cybersecurity personnel.

But do you know why it is like that? It is like that because Online security is a very delicate course that needs people that are highly professional in the field. So many companies choose not to advertise their positions to avoid attracting people who will come over and claim they can do when they cannot or even people who may be internet attackers who may want to use the opportunity to explore the company’s security system which may result at a high loss to the company.

So for you to get a job in this field, you must train yourself and be satisfied that you can always deliver anytime your service is needed and you must attract trust to yourself by being sincere in your dealings.

Best Online Security Certificate Courses in Nigeria.

There are two best online schools to study and get a certificate in any available Online Security Courses in Nigeria. which are:

  1. New Horizons Nigeria
  2. Nigerian Institute For Industrial Security.

New Horizons Nigeria:
New Horizons Nigeria is an online Computer Learning Centers that was established Since 1982. Horizons is an independent IT training centre that has grown and become very popular and internationally recognized. There offer hundreds of online courses that are usually anchored by delivered by experts and professionals.
Horizons Online Security is designed on training participants on the body of technologies, practices, and processes designed to protect programs, networks, data, and computer systems from cyber attacks, unauthorized access and damages.

Horizons Online Security Available Courses;

Foundational Courses

  1. EC Council Secure Computer User Specialist
  2. CyberSAFE (Securing Assets For End-users)
  3. CyberSec First Responder™

Advance Courses

  1. CompTIA Security
  2. Certified Ethical Hacker v9
  3. Certified Information Security Systems Professional (CISSP)
  4. EC Council Security Analyst (ECSA) v9 Training
  5. EC-Council Certified Secure Programmer .NET (ECSP

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Nigerian Institute For Industrial Security:
The Nigerian Institute for Industrial Security (NIIS) provides online security courses, consultancy, training, certifications, and corporate investigation. They offer Online security certifications on Certified Automated Security (CAS), Certified Security Specialist [CSS], and Security Supervisor Certification [SSC].
NIIS Available Online Security Programs

  • Local Workshops Programme
  • CSS Program
  • SSC Program
  • CAS Program

Register Here

If you wish to study any Online Security Course (Like Cyber Security) in a Nigerian University, then here are the available Nigerian Universities for you:

  1. Federal University of Technology Minna (FUTMINNA)
  2. The Technical University, Ibadan (TECH-U)
  3. Admiralty University of Nigeria (ADUN)

Those were the best online security courses in Nigeria which anyone who has an interest in cybersecurity can pick enrol and build his or her career for a better future.

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