The Required Screening Documents for University Admission

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University Admission Screening Documents

There are two types of admission screening. We have pre-admission screening (Post UTME) and Matriculation screening (departmental and faculty). Matriculation screening will only take place after you have been given full admission in the university of your choice.

The admission process usually differs but it is geared towards making sure you’re eligible for the course of study. All tertiary institutions have this screening in place to ensure they are admitting the right student. You will be screened according to the entry requirement of  your chosen course


First, let’s consider the required documents for Online Post UTME (Pre Screening)

  • Before you can proceed with Online Post UTME registration/screening, you must pay the post UTME fee. These fees differ from school to school.
  • Subject combination: One of the main reasons for screening Post UTME is to ensure student wrote and have 5 credits (one sitting) or 6 credit (two sittings) on the correct subject combination required to study there chosen course. This is the part where students fail. They don’t ask questions about the right subjects or courses of choice. If you need help click here
  • JAMB Data: JAMB data includes information like your JAMB, Registration number, JAMB score, UTME Subject combination etc. For an online screening, you will be required to provide this information.

  • Passport Photograph: Your most recent passport is needed for screening and schools have their specifications. Some will require a red background while others will require a white background. The passport should also be recent. At least not more than two months it was taken.
  • Online Admission screening registration printout: This is the document you print out after registering for your school’s post-UTME/DE admission screening exercise. You will need this print out if when you’re going for a physical screening, an Aptitude test/Oral interview.
  • Guarantor’s or Referee’s Letter: Some schools only demand this during Matriculation screening. Your school will specify if this is needed. It’s a letter from your parents or sponsor indicating that they are liable and responsible for you in case of damage and unfortunate event.

Required Screening Documents Admission (Matriculation Screening)

This screening process is very strict if you don’t adhere to the specific admission requirements of each school or read through special considerations. Below are the necessary documents required for a successful admission screening in UNILAG, DELSU, UNIBEN, OAU, UNIJOS, LASU, FUTO, FUTA, IMSU, OOU, UI, OAU, UNIPORT and every other university in Nigeria. You will first go through departmental screening after that, you will go through faculty screening and from there, your files will be sent to student and exams records for Matriculation Number and proper documentation. Without Matriculation number, you not a student.


The following are the required screening documents for university admission:

SSCE O level Result.

Your WAEC, NECO or GCE is your O level (ordinary level) result which you must take along for the admission process. If it is up to four years you wrote the O level (ordinary level) examination, you will have to present the original certificate of your result not a statement of results. If you don’t have the original credentials, (for those who just wrote the exam) you will be screened with the computer print-out and O’level statement of result…

You can use one or two O level result depending on the University policy. You can use a combination of WAEC & GCE result, NECO & WAEC result, GCE & NECO, 2 WAEC result, 2 GCE result, 2 NECO result to gain admission.

  • Correct Subject Combination – To gain admission, you must PASS the required secondary school subjects in your O level examination and also the required secondary school subjects in JAMB UTME. During your departmental screening exercise, these combinations will be checked thoroughly. Use the search box below to check your preferred course O level and JAMB subject combinations.

A level Certificate.

A level (Advanced level) Certificate for those who want to pass through Direct Entry. IJMB, JUBEB, CAMBRIDGE, HND, NABTEB and NCE


School Leaving Certificate (Testimonial)

You are expected to present your Testimonial during the screening process. If you’re using a WAEC or NECO result, the school name must tally with the name on your School Leaving Certificate. If you’re presenting a GCE result, no issue, but you must still present a Testimonial.


Admission Letter:

You will also present your Admission Letter or original JAMB result during screening. You can get JAMB original result at a cyber cafe.


Birth Certificate (DOB):

I don’t need to explain what a Birth Certificate is and every student should possess one.
If you don’t have a birth certificate, you should go and swear an Affidavit in a Magistrate Court and make sure your name corresponds with your O level / A level result.


The Local Government of Origin Certificate:

This Certificate is very important for screening especially in a State University because it gives you an identity and other benefits such as Scholarship. You can get the Certificate in your State Local Government

Acceptance Fee Receipt:

Don’t even think of the screening till you pay up the acceptance fee. The receipt might be required before you’re issued the screening form.

On a Final Note:

  • If the name on your Birth Certificate differs from your O level / A level result, you will be required to publish the correct name on a newspaper publication or through a means made available by the University.
  • Your Date of Birth must tally with your O level / A level result
  • You will also pass through a thorough medical checkup including blood and urine test.
  • Admission process might take days to complete but if you have connections, please make use of it. I had spent almost a month on the screening process until I used my connection and within 20 minutes, I was through with the whole screening process.
  • Don’t wait until you finish admission screening before you start attending lectures. You may spend your first semester on this process. Be wise.
  • Until you’re giving Matriculation Number, you’re not a student of the university.

… and I wish you luck


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208 thoughts on “The Required Screening Documents for University Admission”

  1. I was ask to bring my original results from my school but d original results is not yet out, can I go with the one I print out from the cyber cafe

    • Yes… you can use computer print out… You will be required to bring the original later… but try and get your school stamp and principal signature on the print out.

  2. Yes please… the stamp must be the same with school leaving testimonial… this is because the computer printout can be manipulated….

  3. I have issue with my Date of birth. the year that’s on my weac n GCE are a year older than my actual age. will it really affect me

  4. I choose biochemistry and my subject combination is maths English biology chemistry….but delsu’s combination is physics English chemistry Nd biology….do u think I might be screened out after paying the acceptance fee without given admission.pls i need answers

  5. please ,,,,i have been given admission into funai ,,,,,but the problem is my o level result ,,,,i didnt make all my papers ,,,,but i reg for neco gce this year,,,am scared cause jamb wont accept the admission till i upload my o level,,,,,,plsss can the admission hold till the neco gce result comes out?,,,,plsss what am i gonna do/

    • You should know that admission entry has a specified starting and ending date… if your result will be out before Funai admission closing date, then you have nothing to worry about

  6. I’m using my GCE result for Unilag screening. My testimonial is from a public school where I was a commercial student, but now I’m an arts student. Can I use the testimonial I got as a commercial student for screening for an arts course?

  7. Am from Akwa ibom I scored 212 in jamb, i want to study computer science, will i be given admission into imo state university

  8. I’ve been given admission at NAUB and the screening date is just too imminent. On the screening checklist, there’s a section tagged “original credentials “.. Looking at how far the place is, I don’t want to miss anything.. Kindly tell me in detail what they meant

    • Original credentials are the opposite of photocopy… You must bring all your original document for screening purpose. Your WAEC, DOB, Statement of result, State of Origin etc must be the original not a photocopy

  9. I had a problem sir, i wrote waec 2016 with a pass in maths and wat to write gce exam 2019. do u tink there is enough delay 2 retard my admission? Pls i need answer

  10. please sir I had a D7 in economic, where as it is a credit they are looking for in Business administration and I’ve already used it in Jamb 2019, though I had credit in other subjects. will there be a problem?

  11. Hello! gud day sir, sir I wrote WAEC in 2015 at de same time with NECO, pls sir i want 2 write jamb dis yr, will de NECO still usable, can I join it with de jamb when processing de sch runs…?

  12. Hello! gud day sir, sir I wrote WAEC in 2015 at de same time with NECO, pls sir i want 2 write jamb dis yr, will de NECO still usable, can I join it with de jamb when processing de sch runs…?

      • Pls sir,this are my result:-Engc6,mathc4,govtA1,crkA1,civicA1,litD7
        Jamb combo:-English, govt,crk&literature
        Hope it won’t affect.?…coz my lit is not good
        And also sir can u pls tell me social science subjects and art subjects pls.

  13. Pls i got 182 in jamb and i want to study medicine at OAU,pls can it be possible with me combining my waec and neco with or i should resit for another jamb.

    • Which o’level subject can someone use to study fine and applied art.
      Can I use .
      Dyeing and bleaching.i.e the trade subject as my o’level subject.
      With jamb subject combination
      English,lit_in_eng, government and fine art.
      Please the question is can I use it together.pleawe I really need an urgent answer.

  14. Thanks for the info.
    for the post utme screening process , is it done in the school of choice?
    And how does the post utme help with the admission to school

  15. The name I have in Olevel is Elekwachi Ebube promise but my birth certificate is Elekwachi chidiebube promise can it affect me in screening

  16. I did geography instead instead of math in my jamb can i still be offered admission into unilag as a geology student in unilag


  18. My date of birth gap with the year of my primary sch.entrance is three yrs,will it effect my addimision processing

  19. scored 226 in my jamb
    , going for estate management wat are my chances gaining admission in to bayero university kano

  20. I want to use two o’level result but my third name differs from each other what can I do ?
    But I asked some people,they said universities don’t accept affidavit,how true is that sir?

  21. I need ansa pls I was answering Eze Jude Nnaemeka ryt 4rm my childhood in schools and I later change it in my Ss2 to Eze Paschal Nnaemeka my question is can it affect me into entering university

  22. I scored commerce f9 economics c5 accounting d7 marketing c6 and other subjects are good would it affect me if i want to study business administration??

  23. My actual name is Nwadigo David Babaferanmi but by accident of the person typing it, instead he typed NMADIGO…. Is this gonna affect

  24. write 4rm my primary, nam is jibrin Zakari in Waec I’m art and I have English D7, maths E8, Biology E8 dat was 2011. I resit for NECO in 2017 and I change my nam to Zakari jibrin dankogi.and it’s science and I make it all but is not the same school can I combined it. and i have the original result and testimony of my old school as art jibrin Zakari. can I present the testimony to this neco dat is Zakari jibrin dankogi as science .

  25. Please I have completed Delsu post utme application form but, can I upload my O’level result or take it and my date of birth to the screening venue?

  26. I scored 242 in my jamb
    i want trouble study English in fuotuoke
    i av my birth cert and local govt id letter and my waec result is superb
    am about to apply fr post utme
    do i av a chance

  27. I just saw my result now waec
    Commerce c6 , marketing b3, crs b2, economics c5 instead of government mistakely, literature d7 civic b3, English b2, mathematics b3, biology c4. Jamb result 199 with delsu as second choice wanted to purchase change of institution form Today, any need will I be given admission to study law in delsu with literature d7, and without government. Pls i am in need of urgent answers to know what steps to make today before bank closes

  28. Plz can using two waec sittings 2016 and 2017 should I use my computer printout results or certificate for the post utme screening?

  29. With These Waec Results,
    Further Mathematics-C4
    English Language-C5
    And A Jamb Score Of 284(eng,maths,che,phy), Am I Qualified To Study Chemical Engineering In UNILAG

  30. Please am Nigerian but born and brought up in Cameroon, just finished my A LEVELS with pass in my 5subjects. i equally wrote my O levels in 2017 with all my pass in the required subjects. Now i want to return to Nigeria for studies in FUTO? but dont know if i can be admitted since i have never taken a public exams in Nigeria(JAMB,WAEC,NECO).What are my chances of admission

  31. Please I made a mistake on my DE screening form into NDU, in the space for qualification, I imputed my SSCE instead of Jubep. Can any correction be done? And how bad is it?

  32. Pls sir my waec name is different from my jamb name pls sir what do i need to do, am in need of urgent answer will this make my admission to be denied

  33. Please is it a most that your secondary school testimonial must be presented before u can be given admission, can I use primary school testimonial instead of my secondary school own. As it was in the bag that arm robbers snatched from me last year. Also I made mistake in my secondary school name while registering for unilag post utme. The mistake is Gss agbara instead of Gss abagana.. Hope this won’t make my admission a difficult one.??

  34. I have two different waec results with different names ,and I what too register for my post utme
    I don’t know if I should use bought my results with different names,and they later verify it during my clearance,with that affect my admission

  35. Sir i used awaiting result for both my jamb and post utme registration but i have seen my waec with a D7 but haven’t seen neco do you think i can recieve a letter for admission into futo ? But am yet to upload theSir i used awaiting result for both my jamb and post utme registration but i have seen my waec with a D7 but haven’t seen neco do you think i can recieve a letter for admission into futo ? But am yet to upload theSir i used awaiting result for both my jamb and post utme registration but i have seen my waec with a D7 but haven’t seen neco do you think i can recieve a letter for admission into futo ? But am yet to upload theSir i used awaiting result for both my jamb and post utme registration but i have seen my waec with a D7 but haven’t seen neco do you think i can recieve a letter for admission into futo ? But am yet to upload them!

  36. what can someone do if neco results is not yet released and your school post utme exam is starting before the released of your neco result

  37. Please sir, I mistakenly added my middle name to my jamb and it’s not in my waec nor my flsc, I have gone for court affidavit to reconcile theb both names. Hope there won’t be any problem.

  38. I wrote waec dis year bt withheld nd i registered post utme for uniport.. can i write d exam with my result like den later i upload my waec or neco wen is
    My exam is on Monday

  39. Pls sir I don’t understand that pre screening and matriculation screening???pls sir enlighten me more

    • Pre-screening screen your JAMB SCORE AND RESULTS, Matriculation screening comes after Pre-screening… school will screen you based on the documents you provide this screening qualify you as a student. Pre-screening qualify you for Post utme exam

  40. Scored 202,am afraid my jamb combination is not okay for computer science in university of abuja, my combination is mathematics physics biology and English

  41. Please sir my first waec name is CHINGOZIRIM NWANDIUKO Ana my second waec name bears CHINGOZIRIM SILVER NWANDIUKO ,, but my jam registration name bears EMMANUEL CHINGOZIRIM SILVER , I scored 220 in jamb and 230 in post utme for Unical and I want to upload my o level to jamb portal , and am been advice by a friend to swear an affidavit of change of name before uploading and my question is this ” should jamb acknowledge it?”

  42. Please sir my first waec name is CHINGOZIRIM NWANDIUKO Ana my second waec name bears CHINGOZIRIM SILVER NWANDIUKO ,, but my jam registration name bears EMMANUEL CHINGOZIRIM SILVER , I scored 220 in jamb and 230 in post utme for Unical and I want to upload my o level to jamb portal , and am been advice by a friend to swear an affidavit of change of name before uploading and my question is this ” would jamb acknowledge it?” Would they offer me admission ?

  43. Please sir I went today to upload my o level results after obtaining my name affidavit but there was no provision for affidavit in jamb portal but I ended up uploading only my o level results only and they advice me that jamb has nothing to do with with my name that the school will take care of that at due time , so do you think jamb will still offer me admission?

  44. pls sir d date of birth on my neco result is different from d one on my date of birth,sir can i change it in neco office or swear an affidavit and which document will i take along neco result or date of birth

  45. Hlo sir, On behalf of my friend, his jamb score is 204 and his post utme is 36% but he used awaiting result, will OOU grant him admission

  46. sir I used one sitting during my jamb registration and used to 2 sittings during my post utme screening, 2 neco. Will this affect my admission, I applied mautech, please sir I need urgent answer

  47. Do I need to upload a scan copy of my GCE result in my jamb or it is only to just enter d subjects and d scores? Do I need to upload a scan copy of my certificate of state/ local govt on d jamb portal or I will only be required to present it during university screening?

  48. Hello, am an aspirant of uniport. I used 11th August 1997 in all my files but i just checked my portal, the person used 10th August 1997 in my post utme registration… will it affect my admission?

  49. Please sir, i just discovered that my original waec result date of birth isnt corresponding with the one on my jamb result slip and my date of birth certificate. What can i do to this besides another issue is that i used my first secondary school testimonial on my school portal for my admission process and the result i am using is being obtained from another school where i sat for my waec. And the reason of me not appied for waec in the school i went to earlier was that it wasn’t govt. approved and it’s only end at ss2 but we were given testimonials. Now my question is that do i need to make use of the first since it is being used on the school portal or make use of the new one given to me by the school where i started my ss2 and obtained my result?

  50. Hi sir i av 182 in jamb and my combination is phy math chem and my o level result my physics E8 can i study agric economics and farm management in funaab

  51. I scored History A1, civic A1, trade sub A1, maths B2,yoruba C6,literature C4,english B3,biology B2,crs B2 …. can i study political science under fac. Art in any of these schools? … unilag, UI , uniilorin, lasu or uniben .. and most importantly i wanna knw if its compulsory dat i sit for maths in jamb..

  52. pls sir can imsu accept this result for English Education engc5 mathsb2 c.r.k.b3 govtb2 econsb3 yoruc5 litd7 civicA1 biology b3 or what can I study, without the involvement of maths because am not good in maths and also the course I love to study is English education but I don’t have literature.

  53. Good day sir, l was admitted uniben, am using two sittings, but my middle names is different from the waec, and jamb, so also is my year of birth different, my weac is 1992, And my Jamb is 1996, Which one should l change but l use 1992 for post utme registration, what do l do thanks sir

  54. Thanks sir, l want to use the names on my jamb, not waec, what kind of afidevit I should do, correction of names or change of names, please l don’t want to go weac office anything, can l change my dob, and year on jamb, and sir after l graduate l will be 31 can l go for NYSC , I hope l will not have issues during my cleanrace in uniben, after all this please sir l need your advice thanks sir

    • You will need two affidavit at magistrate or high court close to you…

      One affidavit for correct date of birth…
      Another affidavit for change of name…

      You can make corrections on jamb portal if the portal is still opened.

  55. Good day Sir! My name is ABDULAZEEZ ABUBAKAR and I’m from Taraba State. All Documents are bearing two Names but mistakenly without knowing it implications I requested for three names in my Jamb while all my documents is two. I have been offered admission into Unimaid and I Make affidavit change of name. Sir! Hope during my clearance I don’t have problem???

  56. Hello sir, the certificate of origin is the original copy or photocopy that I should take to the school and also do you have any idea if ahmadu Bello University accepts state of origin certificate gotten from liason office?

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