If you want to know more about the requirement for admission screening you can use this link. This page is for those who want to understand what pre-admission is all about. You see, pre-admission has the same meaning but the procedure may differ from school to school.

Pre-admission means an exercise that governs the activities of potential college or university students before they can be qualified to become a bonafide students of an institution. This exercise varies from school to school. In Nigeria, pre-admission encompasses manual or online document screening and Post UTME test (for jambite).

In Nigeria, after a successful JAMB, schools notify students of the pre-admission date. Students are then required to submit all necessary documents and are also required to come to the screening venue for the screening test. This test may be written or computer base. Either way, this test with other things involved, will finally determine if a student will qualify to study their desired course.

Moreover, pre-admission goes beyond screening documents and tests. This is a period where the school also decide whether to offer a student a change of course or reject the admission. This is the very reason why it is called provisional admission.

All schools have different requirements but these three requirements are compulsory.

  • A valid and active email address and phone number.
  • ATM card type (e.g Visa or Master Card). For online payment during registration.
  • A digital passport photograph is also required.

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