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I know you’re here because of the title, but the truth is no such thing here. I intentional use the title so I can lure you over and advice you before you ruin your life. As a student, you should do everything to avoid malpractices. Why go to school for 12 years and at the end, you want to rely on expo to excel. What are you excelling at If you really hope to succeed, then you should have prepared.


Are you a guardian/teacher looking for WAEC, NECO, GCE or JAMB Examination Expo to give your student You’re wicked! Why waste all the effort when you know you will end up teaching the pupil to pass examination questions. Oh… I get! You don’t want them to fail or probably you want them to have a good result which in turn advertise you to other students. You’re very foolish and a destiny killer. And God will curse you if you’re one of those who complain of the corruption in Nigeria. In fact, you’re cursed already for having the thought of examination malpractices

And if you are a parent, you ought to be imprisoned for child abuse. Most often you parent are the real engine behind malpractices. You pay up machinery to ensure your child gets the best result. What a pity! Sometimes I often wonder if those who pass examination without malpractices had to head or maybe they have a superhuman parent. The quote: Heaven helps those who helped themselves is not scriptural but the fact remains that it is true. If you don’t prepare for the examination by studying, don’t expect help from heaven. of course, the devil is ready to assist you


Although there is no nation where this malpractices does not exist but must we be like other nations Things are really bad in Nigeria, yes but this is the origin… Wrong foundation. If a child cheats his way to the top, he must cheat to remain there at the top –


Sometimes, WAEC, NECO, GCE or JAMB officials are also to be blamed – turning blind eye to malpractices on the sight of a bride. I know! I was once a student, once a teacher, once an invigilator. I have been to WAEC office Ikorodu, I have been to JSCE office Agege – I saw too many things; how many bowed to pennies.


To comb malpractices old WAEC, NECO, GCE or JAMB officials must be purged for without them, examination questions cannot be leaked out. Orientation should also be giving to the student about the perils of malpractices and should be able the differentiate between Original OMR and fake. The system of data retrieval, process and information dissemination may look complicated to a novice but not to an I.T fellow like me. I can mass produce any OMR with Corel Draw and Microsoft Access and you will never know the difference because the OMR used WAEC were never designed to be differentiated.

We are still far behind with the use of technologies in examinations. Those who know how to resolve these things are not employed. The old won’t leave and those who have nothing to contribute are employed through connections. What a pity.


Just the other day, I went for PVC relocation from Akure to Lagos and I was told to come back after Six months… eww! 98% of the staffs where married women and I couldn’t sight a single computing device in INEC office Ikorodu. They were all using pen and paper… Six months indeed.


But do you know that answering WAEC, NECO, GCE or JAMB Examination questions is much easier than expo because you’re not sure if the expo presented to you is the right thing… To pass WAEC, NECO, GCE or JAMB Examination easily, get the brochure, get pass questions and study. WAEC, NECO, GCE or JAMB would never set a new question except a new topic is added to a subject. They neither repeat questions or paraphrase. If you study past questions every well, you should know that what I’m saying is true and I think I have said enough…


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