How to Study and Pass JAMB UTME [wpdts-year] Questions

To pass JAMB and POST UTME objective questions, you must be prepared. As the old saying goes, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” You must study. And I don’t just mean spending time. Preparation means spending enough time studying and it means studying the right way in that time. Make sure your study sessions are effective.

JAMB and POST UTME objective test questions are those that require a specific answer. These objective questions usually have only one potential correct answer (although there may be some room for answers that are close), and they leave no room for opinion.

JAMB and POST UTME objective questions differ from subjective test questions like WAEC, NECO GCE, which have more than one potential correct answer and sometimes have room for a justified opinion. JAMB and POST UTME objective questions are constructed as a list of possible answers, requiring you to recognize the correct one from the list.

Some of you are looking for JAMB cheat sites, that’s foolishness. How long will you cheat your way to the top?. and some who are not looking for cheat sites are looking for how to pass JAMB without studying.

My dear except an angel visit you during your exam, you can’t pass JAMB without studying. If you don’t prepare for jamb, you will fail. JAMB is not a theory examination where you can write your thoughts. In objective questions, the answer to a question is among the options. If you have no idea, you will choose the wrong answer because JAMB objective questions can be tempting and deceitful especially when all answers look alike.

To answer and pass JAMB objective questions, you must prepare. Do you understand? Some of you ask me how to score above 300 in JAMB. To score above 300 you must prepare like someone going to battle. I can’t overstress the importance of preparation. If you don’t have time to study, create one. Don’t confuse preparation and study, they are not the same.

To pass for JAMB examination once and above 300, you must prepare your mind and body. You need the mind to understand what you read, you need the body to carry the mind. Once your body is down, you will find it difficult to use your mind. This means you should maintain good health and friendly environment.

Preparation leads to study
Study leads to success.

How to pass JAMB once and score above 300? The following steps will help you prepare and pass JAMB excellently.

Get Subject combinations:

The first thing during preparation is to know the required subject combinations for your desired course. This way, you’re heading for an excellent result in JAMB. Use below the search box and type the name of your desired course and see the subject combinations.

Get JAMB past questions:

Now, buy the past questions for those required subject that you must pass in JAMB. Don’t just choose random subjects. There are no remedies for choosing the wrong subjects in JAMB.

Get JAMB syllabus:

Now, get the syllabus for each subject. The syllabus will serve as a guide to which area you need to focus on your JAMB.

Study Keypoints:

Going through textbooks is time-consuming though still useful for reference. Keypoints is king. You can read through a keypoint within a week.

Create space:

You can’t just sit anywhere to study. Look for a comfortable place and position. To pass JAMB once and above the cutoff mark, you need to go extra miles. A place where even your parent will find it difficult to call you for any domestic work. A place that, when they see you there studying, they will not bother you.

Use a Jotter:

You need jotter to make a note and put down your thoughts. Noting down areas of difficulties and finding someone capable to help shows your seriousness.

Maintain a fixed Time:

There must be a specific time for study. You can choose morning, afternoon, evening or midnight. Choose a time and stick with it.

Know your Reading habit:

The way I read is not the way you read. The maximum time I spend reading is 1hour 30 minutes. I have a friend who can study from 12 am to 6 am. Don’t go beyond the capacity of your mind. Understand how long you can study and stick with it. Excellent mind knows their limits.

Studying Style:

You can be a lone ranger when studying or among a group of friends. Whichever, ensure you follow your reading style, study hard and effectively because you can’t pass JAMB without studying. I repeat; you will never pass JAMB without studying. Learn more about studying

Learn how to use a computer:

If I don’t mention this, then this guide is useless. To successfully prepare for JAMB examination, you must learn the basic use of Computer keyboard. If you don’t know anything about the computer, then you better look for a computer training centre where you can learn how to use a Computer keyboard to answer question JAMB questions.

During the examination all you need to do is to press the letters A,B,C,D,E,F for responses (answers) to questions and keys P, N, S and R representing different functions as shown below;
P = Previous question
N = Next question
S = Submit responses when a candidate has finished the examination
R = Reverse (do not intend to go further to submit again)
According to the Jamb Registrar, this new method will eradicate the challenge of low computer literacy and phobia for mouse by some candidates.

How to Study to Pass JAMB and POST UMTE Objective Test Questions

Objective questions with short, specific answers require memorization. Past questions are a helpful tool for this process. However, you should not stop with memorizing questions and answers, as memorization is only the first step.

As a student, studying past questions require you to gain a deeper understanding of each question because it can be paraphrased and repeated. Ideally, it is advisable you choose a particular year range, try hard and know all the answers to the questions. For example Economics past questions from 2018 to 2010.

Don’t worry yourself by going to JAMB UTME tutorials classes. Although it helps, you may end up making new friends and learning little or nothing.

Get past questions
You should get JAMB past questions for the course/degree you wish to study. Each course has its own subject combinations.
For example, if your subject combinations are:

  • English language
  • Literature in English
  • Government
  • Economics

You ought to get JAMB past questions for these subjects and study hard!!! You don’t have to study textbooks, because if you do, you will have to cover everything within the pages which is very much time-consuming.

Steps to study JAMB past questions.

  • Start: Answer the objective questions to the best of your knowledge. E.g: Economics 2018 past questions. When you’re through, check the back for the answers and Evaluate (mark) yourself. While doing that, understand the questions and memorize the answers.


  • Forward: Goto Economics 2017 past questions and do the same. Continue until you answer up to 2010 or depending on your set goals.


  • Backwards: The next day, go back and answer Economics 2018 past questions again. This time, you should aim to score higher than the previous day since you already went through and answers and questions before.

If you’re vigilant, you will notice that some Economics JAMB past questions of 2018 were repeated in 2017. This is so because JAMB UTME has a database of questions which are shuffled. Hardly do they write out new questions. Hardly!!!

The more you study your past questions the more you get acquainted. Believe me, your success is guaranteed. And here are some important things to look for to make sure you’re answering the right question in JAMB and POST JAMB.

Questions with more than one possible answer
“All of the above” as an answer
“None of the above” as an answer
“All of the following EXCEPT…”

Tricks to pass JAMB and POST UTME questions.

Don’t be afraid to skip questions that are hard and answer the ones you feel most confident about first. Take note that when you’re writing the Jamb UTME examination, it is NOT A MUST that you must answer a question before moving to answer the next one! If you don’t know the answer to a particular question, just click on the next question button. Remember, you have only 3 hours, 30 minutes to answer all the questions.

Another way is through the eliminating method. That is removing all the options you know are wrong and mark out the answers you’ve already used. This process will make the remaining answers a little more easy to identify.
Passing jamb is more than intelligence, you need smartness and Gods favour, play your part and leave the rest for God.

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