Despite the challenges, studying in the United Kingdom, United State or other foreign schools, it is a once in a lifetime experience. Moving abroad is not an easy thing, and studying always implies sacrifice and commitment from the students to succeed. Certain things must be done in advance, from applying for courses and booking accommodation to getting visas and taking care of the legal paperwork.

It’s very important to guarantee that your basic needs are covered and to avoid or minimise risks, especially when it comes to healthcare. Not all international students get equal treatment in foreign schools when it comes to things like free access to healthcare.

It’s therefore recommended that students to plan ahead to ensure they are not left in a situation where they have no means to pay for their health costs should the unexpected occur. And from the record, one of the fundamental requirements for foreign students is to get international student health insurance.

Because you can never know when an unexpected medical emergency may occur or have property lost, damaged or stolen there is the risk of damage to property or the loss of fees if a course needs to be abandoned due to an emergency back home, having student insurance in place is a must for foreigners studying in the United Kingdom, United State or other foreign schools. Becoming ill is one risk, but accidents could also happen to students anytime; living abroad always involves a degree of risk.

  • You would probably not think of holidaying in another country without travel insurance, so why risk living and studying abroad without student insurance to cover these unexpected costs
  • Insurance for students is the perfect tool to safeguard your security in the UK as a student and to help ensure a fulfilling and worry-free studying experience.

Many International Student has restricted access to free public healthcare, depending on their nationality and private healthcare is costly. Students who have spent thousands of dollars to enrol in their course of study in the UK are well-advised to spend a little more to ensure they are covered by an adequate insurance policy so that in the event of an unexpected event, they are able to get the treatment they need and to continue with their studies…

  • International coverage is critical, not only for your peace of mind but for your families as well. In the event of an emergency (and considering the distance involved) coverage like this deserves serious consideration.
  • International Student Accident insurance is required by law for J-1 student VISA holders and may be required during VISA interview

So what’s international insurance all about
Insurance is a safeguard against uncertainties. It provides financial recompense for losses suffered due to an incident of unanticipated events, insured within the policy of insurance. Insurance, essentially, is an arrangement where the losses experimented by a few are extended over several who are exposed to similar risks. Insurance is a protection against financial loss arising from the happening of an unexpected event.

Insurance is the transfer of risk. It transfers the risk of financial losses as a result of specified but unpredictable events from an international student or entity to an insurer in return for a fee or premium. If a specified event occurs, an international student or entity can claim compensation or a service from the insurer.

An individual who wants to cover risk pays a small amount of money to an organization called on Insurance Company and gets insured. An insurance company insures different people by collecting a small amount of money from each one of them and collectively this money is enough to compensate or cover the loss that some members may suffer.

A good International Student Insurance should cover:

  • Student Fees
    International student insurance should cover non-refundable student fees if your course of study needs to be abandoned because of an unexpected medical problem or an unforeseen emergency back home. That way, you may be able to re-enroll and carry on with your studies when the emergency has passed.


  • Doctor visits
    International student insurance should include cover for doctors’ visits if you have an unexpected medical problem. This allows you to get the problem attended to quickly so that you can get the treatment you need without delay and get back to your studies as soon as possible.


  • Medical costs
    International student insurance should provide medical cover in the event of an unexpected medical emergency. Medical costs in the United Kingdom can be prohibitively expensive so it’s important to have adequate insurance.


  • Lost passport
    International student insurance should be able to arrange an immediate replacement for the loss of passport which can disrupt studies, it can also stop an international student from travelling to other destinations, or from even returning home again


  • Tenant liability
    International students studying in the United Kingdom often live in a property that is not their own – it may be accommodation owned by the learning institute, but it could be a house share with other students or a property they have rented for themselves. Whatever the situation, it is advisable to ensure that your student insurance policy covers damage you may accidentally cause to other people’s property while living in the UK

International Student Insurance should also cover

  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Return home benefit
  • Auto policy extension

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