If you have read the required document for admission screening in the universities, you then would surely know the reason why getting your original GCE Certificate is very important. WASSCE Nov/Dec, also known as General Certificate Examination (GCE) GCE is one of the O level certificates along with WAEC and NECO that can be used to gain admission in any university in Nigeria.

Before now, the GCE certificate can only be issued after 4 years but with the advancement of technology, your GCE certificate is now made available 3 months after writing the exam.

You can also use GCE Certificate with other O levels to gain admission; this is what we call two sittings (combined results). No universities in Nigeria accept three sittings. In this post, I want to quickly tell you how to get your GCE Certificate most especially for those who had written the GCE exam over a long period of time. In this post, I will also tell you not only how to get GCE Certificate but how to get a damaged or lost GCE certificate.

How to get a GCE Certificate

Unlike WAEC Private which makes provision for your WAEC certificate to be sent to the school where you registered for the examination. Those who sat for WAEC external (GCE), will have to go to the WAEC office/centre close to them to get a GCE certificate. You can only get your GCE certificates from WAEC Zonal and Branch offices in charge of the state where they sat for the examination.

Mind you, there is a fix day for collecting GCE Certificate depending on the year you wrote the GCE examination. This date can be seen on the noticed board. The required document which you must present before you can get your GCE Certificate is also on the noticed board.

For example, if you wrote the GCE exam in 2007, and 2007 set falls on Tuesday, you will have to go on that day. If you go on a different day, the officials will not attend to you. When you go for collection, at a specified hour, an official will come out and address you on the process. Depending on the population, you might spend the whole day there.

Fees you will pay to get your GCE certificate depending on the year you wrote the exam.

  • 1-4 years: N3,500
  • 5-9 years: N8,500
  • 10-14 years: N13,500
  • 15-19 years: N18,500
  • 20 years and above: N23,500

The breakdown above means; if you wrote your GCE 15years ago, you will have to pay 18,500 before you can get your GCE certificate. Those within the range of 1 to 4 years will pay a token of 3,500 before they can get their GCE certificate.

What do you present for collection?

  • An identification card
  • A passport photo that is recently taken (red background preferably)
  • Your statement of result or print out done online

If I had lost my GCE certificate, can it be replaced? No. Instead, WAEC will issues statements of result to the owners of lost certificates or, when necessary, confirms their results for a fee.

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