I know you’re reading this because saw NOT ADMITTED. JAMB CAPS is one of the innovations to admission processing introduced by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) for simplicity of the admissions process.

Meaning of Not admitted on Jamb and What You Need to Know

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Central Admission Processing System (CAPS) is geared towards ensuring quality control, transparency and credibility of the admission process.

CAPS is expected to make provision for a ‘marketplace’ in the JAMB portal where institutions can go and ‘request for students in Nigeria who score their cut off points.’

The system is such that institutions can only admit those who meet their cut off points. If a candidate fails to meet the cut off mark, that student would certainly be denied admission irrespective of the candidate’s connection.
In summary, JAMB CAPS MARKET PLACE was designed for schools that couldn’t meet up with their Admission Quota to admit you on request.

Whenever you see NOT ADMITTED as your admission status. It simply means that you have not been offered provisional admission at your institution of choice.

There are various possibilities to that. It may be that your institution had not yet submitted your names to JAMB. Probably, your chosen institution was yet to release its admission list. So, just be patient and check the portal again later.

If neither of the above applies to you and you are still with the NOT ADMITTED status, that would definitely mean your institution had completed its admission process but did not find you qualified based on its parameters for admission.

What you should do if your admission status reads ‘Not Admitted’

Don’t do anything! Do not click on the ACCEPT icon unless your Admission status had changed to ADMITTED. By the time your desired institution releases its admission list, you will see both “ACCEPT” and “DECLINE” icons.

You are also not allowed to click on the ACCEPT icon until you have received an admission notification from the institution of your choice. Note that by clicking on the ACCEPT when your status is NOT ADMITTED, it means you’ve accepted a non-existent Admission

To those who have already clicked on the ACCEPT icon, your action implies that you have agreed and accepted the Course, and Institution Choice, so you won’t be placed in the JAMB proposed CAPS MARKET PLACE.

You should wait for the institution of your choice to release its Admission list, which would change their CAPS ADMISSION STATUS from, NOT ADMITTED to ADMITTED, then the choice is yours whether to click on the ACCEPT icon or DECLINE if you don’t want.

But if by then it still shows NOT ADMITTED, you will surely be placed in the CAPS MARKET PLACE i.e waiting for schools that couldn’t meet up with their Admission Quota to admit you on request.

Lastly, for those who have already clicked on the ACCEPT icon, all you could do to help yourself is to keep praying and hoping to get another chance, for you have automatically disqualified yourself from being returned to the CAPS MARKET PLACE if you were not later admitted.

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  1. florencemondayudoh6524@gmail

    I would like to know why I was given admission by school and still yet to have jamb admissions after 3 weeks.

  2. Hello , I have applied but am not getting admitted yet what might be the problem. I will highly appreciate if I get the feedback.

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