Top Most Controversial Debate Topics For Student and Teachers

In the previous article, we listed good debate topics now we want to list out some of the most controversial debate topics for students and debaters. As you know, a debate is a formal discussion about a topic in which, the debaters from two different sides present opposing viewpoints. Controversial debate topics are topics that give rise to controversy or public disagreement.

Debates follow a specific sequential structure in which, each side of the debaters is given the opportunity to speak or give each other’s opinions for or against the topic at hand.

Debating helps in improving students speaking skills. As a debater, you stand the chance to learn how to clearly structure and present arguments. The skills you acquire as a debater will help you with everything from a school admissions interview to a job presentation.

Controversial debate topics are some of the best debate topics that attract a lot of points of argument and choosing an interesting debate topic is one of the most important parts of a debate.

This is the list of best controversial debate topics

  1. Gay marriage Should be legalized
  2. Women should be treated equally with men in the workplace
  3. You can’t have a happy family life and a successful career at the same time
  4. Marriage is an outdated institution
  5. Citizens should be allowed to carry guns
  6. The death penalty should be implemented for some offences
  7. Foreigners shouldn’t be allowed to vote
  8. Sex education should be taught to female children under 12 years
  9. Women should not be paid the same as at the workplace
  10. Bribery should be acceptable
  11. Music with violence words should be banned
  12. Condoms should be distributed at secondary schools.
  13. Nuclear weapons should be allowed
  14. Teachers should carry guns
  15. Beauty contests should be banned
  16. Cosmetic surgery should be banned
  17. Military service should be abolished
  18. War is an option for solving some disputes
  19. Torture should be used on culprits
  20. Access to the internet should be limited by age.
  21. Smoking should be banned
  22. Single-sex schools should stop
  23. Homework is harmful to students
  24. An examination is the true test of knowledge
  25. A woman belongs to the kitchen
  26. Married Women should not be allowed for employments
  27. Food is the secret to a man’s heart
  28. Married couples can still keep secret relationships outside their marriage.
  29. Some hard drugs should be legalized.
  30. Soft drugs should be legalized.
  31. Unmarried people are happier than Married ones
  32. The police force is racist, so should be abolished
  33. Democracy must be imposed on nations
  34. Race affects intelligence
  35. Brith Rate should be checked by Government
  36. The world is overpopulated, so steps should be taken to reduce population
  37. Euthanasia should be legal
  38. Cloning is a valuable scientific cause
  39. Obesity is natural
  40. Video games are violence
  41. Kids should be allowed to a certain quantity of alcohol
  42. Hard Drugs should be allowed in sports
  43. Climate change does not exist
  44. Carbohydrates are more damaging than fats
  45. Terrorism can be justified
  46. Prostitution should be made legal
  47. Prisoners should be allowed to vote
  48. Prisoners should be allowed to pay money for their bails
  49. Crime can be justified
  50. Coming from different races is the cause of human hatreds
  51. Citizens should be restricted from travelling out of their country for a lifetime.
  52. Pharmacists should not be allowed to prescribe medicines.
  53. Animal Doctoring should be banned.
  54. Public speaking boosts the confidence of students.
  55. Children are not supposed to play video games.
  56. Children should not be allowed to use gadgets.
  57. People should be fined according to their income.
  58. Police should be allowed to use lethal force.
  59. Men are stronger than women.
  60. Which one is better? Eat to live or live to eat?

How to be a good debater on controversial debate topics

  1. Maintain proper posture: you can use your hands and gestures while expressing thoughts. Your natural gestures and posture express how much confidence you have.
  2. Be audible in Speaking: In controversial debate topics, speaking loudly and clear will help the moderators to hear your points of argument and will also tell how well prepared you are for the debate. So make sure you strive to present Clear and audible argumentation.
  3. Maintain eye contact: This will help you to be more focused without shying away. So you don’t have to look at your teacher or somewhere in the distance at all times. But Instead, maintain eye contact with opponents.
  4. Be very calm: In controversial debate topics, you must get nervous, even if you’ve forgotten some key point. Restate your main argument and start again. Don’t rush in stating your arguments. Take your time and make your points heard so that they can be taken note of.
  5. Controversial debate topics require a great deal of concentration. Concentrate on your statement, don’t switch ideas that make you or your opponents lose track of the argument. Let your argument be unique and key to the subject of argument.
  6. Maintain order: Present your arguments in an orderly fashion, just as you planned during preparations. And let your argument be formal.
  7. Take Chance: The secret of winning controversial debate topics is to listen to your opponents when they are presenting their ideas, and write down their major arguments so you can oppose them on their key argument. This should only be done constructive and should be base on your ability. If you can afford to do this, then I will recommend you don’t try it to avoid conflicting with your already crammed facts and arguments.
  8. Be very polite: Avoid yelling, particularly for silencing opponents.

Those were the best controversial debate topics that are very interesting and attract a lot of points of argument. Choosing a good and interesting debate topic is one of the most important parts of a debate. So always choose a good topic for your debates.

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